Friday, October 2, 2015

The benefits of walking uprightly

No good thing would be withheld from those that walk uprightly, Psalm 84:11.

The word uprightly is defined as one that is honest, honorable, or just. Also, one that possess integrity whose primary instinct is to always do what is right and honorable. On the other hand the word "good" in the above scripture is defined as something that is beneficial  or something that will work in the best interest of the one that the good is being issued to.

It was necessary for me to dissect both words so that we can gain a greater understanding of what this particular scripture is suggesting to us. In essence we're being told that God will not suspend, withhold, delay, hinder or stop those things that will advance, prosper, promote, increase or simply benefit us "IF" we make the decision to be honorable, honest and just in our daily dealings.

Could it be that things aren't working out for you simply because you refuse to be honest in your dealings with others? Could it be that finding the right mate seems so difficult because of your jealousy and evil speaking of the relationships of others?

As a reminder according to the above spiritual law, "No good or beneficial thing would be withheld "IF" you're doing what is right". In other words, in spite of paying your tithes, in spite of attending church on a regular basis. In spite of sowing a $1000 offerings etc this does not change THE LAW!

Do what is right continuously and the exchange is, the things that will benefit you during the course of your life will not can not be withheld from you.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing