Friday, October 2, 2015

When the praises go up the blessings come down, is this scriptural?

Listen! Stop allowing these destiny blockers to mislead you. If they are not feeding you sound
doctrine (the word of God), then, REJECT THEM NOW!!

God is never pleased with the sins of mankind and while many of us use the phrase, "Sin is sin" the reality is there are certain sins that God literally has utter hatred for.

In fact the word that God uses to describe such sins is the word "Abomination". The word abomination is defined as expressing a feeling of disgust, hate and repugnance. In essence it's really the advance stage of something or some act from displeasing to not being able to stomach or tolerate.

I came across a very interesting passage of scripture sometime ago, that, I am certain will bring much needed clarity as to why your prayers are offensive to God. Here is what that scripture says, "He that turns away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be an abomination" Proverbs 28:9.... Wow! Did you get that?

We are being advised in this scripture that if we make the decision to ignore what God says which is his law, it goes on to say that even our prayers becomes something he hates, despises and ultimately rejects!

Question! What are your spiritual leaders telling you to do that is NOT found in the scriptures or the laws of God, that you foolishly obey and follow, that has now converted your prayers to an offense to the creator of the universe?

Did God really say sow a $1000 seed? Did the scripture really say that if you were to pour salt around your homes it will remove or cause evil spirits not to come near your home? Where is it in scripture did it say when the praises go up the blessing come down? Better yet, is it a spiritual law or a human saying that says, "If we put one foot forward God will put two". Could someone please point out to me anywhere from Genesis to Revelation where I can find the scripture that says, "God helps those that help themselves". You see my friend, it is nonsensical unscriptural statements such as what I have just mentioned that makes your current prayers an abomination to God

Yes! It sounds good while the music is playing and someone is hurling from the pulpit, "sow that $1000 seed and God will perform a special blessing. But you must pause for a second and ask yourself, is what this person saying in accordance with the LAWS OF GOD? Because if it's not and your decision was to reject the true laws of God for the lies of men, then you are now a manufacturer of abominable prayers whenever you do pray.

Breaking the curse off of your prayers will begin with you obeying the laws of God as opposed to the deceptive erroneous false teachings and willful lies of men.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing