Monday, November 30, 2015

Don't allow Satan to corner you with hopelessness

Suicides, depression, frustrations and confusion will always be the results of the enemy backing
folks up in a corner and convincing them that there is absolutely no more hope for their situation.

 Many years ago I can recall being in a situation where it seem that the more I prayed the worse it became. This situation would literally consume my thoughts, dictate my behavior and overall made my perception of life gloomy and depressing. In fact it felt as if the entire world was having a party and did not invite me.

 If I only hade a fraction of the wisdom and understanding that I have today, I can assure you the tenure of that gloomy period of my life would have never lasted as long as it did. I want to share with someone today that woke up feeling depress and pin down mentally with relentless thoughts of hopelessness. The whole idea of LIFE and you being given another day to live suggests that there is indeed a solution to your matter. And no! I am not going to say to you, wait on Jesus, the lord will deliver or your season is right around the corner. Those statements are true however, like I have discovered you have to begin challenging those relentless hopeless thoughts that are viciously coming at you by saying to yourself and aloud, "It isn't going to always be this way", "Absolutely nothing last forever", "There are many who have been in worse positions and are now living the flip side of their former situation".

 Aside from the verbal self motivation, I began to force my mind off of my situation by doing different things I would not usually do such as going to the beach, going for a walk, just simply doing stuff differently... Bottom line breaking out of the corner of hopelessness Satan had manage to place me in, with my assistance, of course!

 My friend take it from someone who has been there and done that, you will never find hope, solutions, opportunities or a sense of peace by staying in the corner of hopelessness waiting to die both mentally and physically. Yes! Jesus will help you but contrary to popular belief YOU MUST WANT TO BE HELPED!

 Scripture says we are co-laborers with Jesus Christ, which suggests that there is indeed a part we must play in our own deliverance. Don't let these religious none experience fanatics mislead you, making religious statements such as, "just wait on Jesus", which will do you no good if you're not doing something to work in concert with that statement. Again, I am not discounting that statement but you must begin seeing the light (mentally) before you get to the light (physically) and that will only happen when you begin to convince yourself that, your time of relief is coming, this cannot go on forever, change is going to come, things will and must get better, the day is coming when you will be living the opposite of your situation.

 Father please in the name of your son Jesus Christ, give this person reading this post the spiritual and physical strength needed from this day forward to begin pulling themselves out of their pit of hopelessness so that you can direct and lead them to a place the enemy was convincing them doesn't existed, which is the place you've prepared well in advance of their situation, in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen!

 Written By: Kevin L A Ewing