Saturday, January 17, 2015

Spiritual Limitations and restrictions will be lifted in 2015

It is my genuine prayer today, that the God of all revelation in the name of his son Jesus Christ will
reveal and expose to you via his spirit everyone and anything that Satan has assigned in this year 2015 to overtly or covertly WASTE YOUR TIME!

Everyone with the assignment to delay you from connecting with what God has put in place to advance you, I come in agreement with you that their devices and counsel against you become utter foolishness and never reach manifestation in the name of Jesus Christ!

Every evil counsel, every evil voice along with all demonic altars speaking and devising consistent evil against your God ordain destiny, let those voices be silenced and destroyed by the eternal fire of the living God!

Every spiritual stumbling block that has hindered your spiritual  progress with the end result of causing you not to produce and progress physically, I speak and command spiritual cages to imprison those spiritual stumbling blocks so that your assigned blessings will flow without delay to you in 2015!

I speak specifically to the spirit of barrenness, that has caused you not to produce what God has called you to produce, we command this spirit to become barren in the name of Jesus Christ!

Every spirit husband and spirit wife that has either caused you to connect with the wrong mate, marry the wrong person or has delay you from being married, it is my prayer that God will send spiritual fire and brimstone, like he did physical fire and brimstone in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah and destroy every calculating and deceitful spirit that has pulled you off course in connecting with whom you were suppose to be connect with.

Let every Devil sitting on your destiny, sitting on your potential, sitting on your favor, sitting on your opportunities, sitting on your LIFE! Be consumed by the fire of God right now in the name of Jesus Christ!

I decree and declare by the authority of God that this year, 2015! Will be like no other year for you because the restrictions and limitations have been lifted spiritually so that you can flow in the assigned blessings of God physically. God will restore you seven fold of everything that the enemy has stolen from you, let Proverbs 6:31 be your promise from God as it relates to your restoration in 2015, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!!!!!


Written By: Kevin L A Ewing