Thursday, March 12, 2015

Identifying witches and Warlocks and their activities in your dreams

Folks that are challenged by witchcraft attacks will often experience dreams that will reflect such attacks. However, as usual, their dreams will always be revealing the spiritual side of these real life attacks. As a reminder, the spiritual side of anything will always be its origin.

such dreams are often dismissed, simply because the dreamer is either ignorant of the symbols in their dreams that are pointing to such activities or the dreamer choose not to believe what their dreams are revealing. I have decided to provide a general list of actions and symbols in our dreams that would clearly identify Witches, Warlocks and the revelation of their covert activities being revealed in our dreams.

Dreaming of a man dressed in all black would represent a Wizard while a woman dressed in all black in a dream symbolizes that that person is a Witch!

To dream about your personal items on a table with candles and that table being covered with a red cloth or your personal items located on an altar or at a place where rituals are performed. Then the dream is revealing that some Witch or Wizard have your spirit spiritually tied to a demonic altar, thus the power of that demonic altar is literally controlling your life.

The reality of such dreams will be revealed in the victim's life via the victim is prone to accidents, missed opportunities, confusion, intense challenges with depression, always feel as if life is going backward, failed relationships etc.

Having dreams where, you see yourself at a banquet, festival or some type of ritual, then the dream is revealing that you are being initiated into witchcraft via your dreams. Having dreams where you observe your shoes or personal items either being buried or is buried, then the dream is revealing that someone has or is burying your destiny.

Aside from dreams revealing such demonic activities others signs can be played out in reality, for example, a sudden infestation of black birds on one's property particularly crows, pigeons, vultures etc. Also, one's home is infested with roaches but amazingly these roaches would appear at night only in some cases. Folks who are covered by the blood of Jesus or have folks praying for them would normally discover these same roaches mysteriously show up during the early morning periods dead or semi-dead laying on their backs throughout their homes.

Now, most folks are completely unaware that in the world of witchcraft Owls are used by Witches and Warlocks as a means of observing their victims. These Witches and Warlocks would literally hijack the bodies of these creatures and use them to not only transport them to their victim's location but to also observe their movements and interactions with others. Cats are also used for such purposes also.

Some of the more common dream symbols to identify witchcraft activities in a person's life would be represented by dreams whose contents are that of snakes, crabs, centipedes, roaches, rodents particularly if there is an infestation of these creatures.

Interestingly enough, I have heard from others that have seen and have been offered fame, wealth and many other worldly things in exchange for serving high demonic ranking powers such as Mammon, Baphomet. Baphomet is a demonic deity that has a human body with a goat head and hoofs for feet. Mammon, on the other hand, is the god of demonic wealth and riches.

It is vitally important upon waking to begin the process of rejecting and renounce all demonic covenants established in your dream against all witchcraft activities along with sending the fire of God against all demonic altars working against your life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! A fast will be in order for about 5-7 days praying specifically against Warlock, Witches and witchcraft spirits.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Getting married in a dream

Some of the most common dreams that I am asked to interpret are dreams where a person is getting
married in their dream or they are observing a wedding in a dream.

Now, let me make clear, any form or type of marriage in a dream would immediately indicate covenants or agreements and for the most part evil covenants! I have discovered in my many years of interpreting dreams that such dreams are the source for unmarried folks finding it difficult to get married or married folks having constant troubles in their marriage. Here is why these folks are faced with such challenges as a result of these dreams.

Being married in a dream is revealing what is known in the spirit world as a spiritual marriage. So the reality is you're being married to a spirit. Now, whomever the person is you're getting married to (even if the person appears to be your husband) in most cases it is what is known as a masquerading spirit. A masquerading spirit is really a familiar spirit and a familiar spirit is in essence a spirit that is very much familiar with the dreamer and by extension the victim's family. In the western world we frequently refer to these spirits as incubus and succubus, while on the eastern side of the world these same spirits are referred to as spirit husband and spirit wife.

With that said once a marriage takes place in the dream (the spirit realm) then the dreamer if they are single in reality will find it difficult to secure the right mate in reality simply because this spirit which also goes by the name spirit husband or spirit wife depending on the sex of the dreamer will fight tooth and nail in keeping away any perspectives mates that would desire to marry the dreamer because unknowing to the dreamer, the dreamer is married to this spirit spiritually.

The evidence of this in the physical realm is no matter how handsome or pretty and educated the victim maybe they will forever find it difficult to maintain relationships it would appear as if they always encounter the same type of people giving them the same old depressing fail relationship results. If the victim do manages to get married I can assure you that union will end in divorce because this spirit will always manipulate the victim to marry the wrong person to make the victim's life a living hell. This, couple will never agree on anything, either one or both parties would be overly jealous, selfish, controlling, verbally and physically abusing each other. The primary sign would be an obvious and blatant lack of respect on both parties end. What is even more challenging; if this spirit is not recognized and rebuked from this person's life, then the victim will probably encounter several marriages not realizing the spirit behind their circumstances.

For those that are married, if you see yourself being married in a dream even if the person you're marrying in the dream is your current mate. Make no mistake this is a spirit husband or spirit wife deceiving you in your dream. Once this marriage takes place in the dream all hell will break loose in reality with your  union. The first sign will be unexplained anger towards each other to the point silly argument will erupt between the couple that makes absolutely no sense along with  no one willing to compromise their position.  This is usually followed by blatant infidelity and disrespect for the relationship. Additionally, it would be almost impossible to forgive your partner and everything that you know that you're doing wrong in the relationship particularly cheating on your partner, this spirit will see to it that you justify your behavior by blaming your partner as the cause of it.

I have witness so many relationships experience the above scenarios, they have visited religious and secular marriage counselors, prayed with their religious leaders etc but still the relationship ended in a divorce. However, while speaking with these folks, my number one question was did any of these people seek the spiritual aspect of the relationship as opposed to only observing the physical or external happenings? Again, this is where I become so confused, how could those that label themselves as religious fail in addressing and focusing on the spiritual aspect in such matters. Again, just another example of "Religious" folks violating the principle of Ephesians 6:12 and 2 Corinthians 4:18. Both scriptures insist that we place our energies and efforts on things that are unseen.

The worst thing any of these couples could do in an attempt in bring resolve to this evil is to attack one another. Instead they must collectively go on a 5-7 day fast with intense prayer, praying specifically against spirit husband and or spirit wife. The couple MUST BE IN COMPLETE AGREEMENT in ridding their relationship of this stubborn spirit. Any sign by these stubborn spirit that their victims are not on one accord with each other becomes legal grounds to not only remain in the lives of their victims but to increase their efforts in destroying the couple's relationship.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing