Friday, July 17, 2015

Cancel it in the spirit so it won't manifest in the natural

You may not have recall what you dreamed this morning or even last night. Maybe you're confuse as to what your dream really meant. As a reminder, our dreams are real, however, we're being shown from a spiritual perspective via our dreams things and situations from the spiritual realm which is the origin of all things pending for our natural world. In other words, whatever is manifested in our physical world was once conceived in the spirit realm or what we know to be the spirit world.

In any event, why not take advantage of this moment right now  before you do anything else and reject and disagree with every satanic agreement and covenant that the enemy and his agents were attempting to or has covertly seal in your dreams?

You must cancel satanic attacks and evil seeds that may have been planted or secured in your dreams to prevent the physical manifestation they desire to achieve in your life. In other words you must cancel it in the spirit so that it won't be able to manifest in the natural!

On the other hand, say to the lord right now, "Lord I don't understand my dream or I don't recall my dream but if my dreams were from you, then I come in complete and total agreement with your purposes and desires for my life in the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ!

Father! I will not be LATE, I will not be DENIED, I will not be DELAYED, neither will I be SETBACK in Jesus Mighty name! God! I will continue to hold on to you while you ADVANCE me to where I should have been at this point in my life, in the matchless name of Jesus the Christ!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing