Friday, July 31, 2015

Devils will continue to have the upper hand because of your ignorance of the law

You will continue to be held back if you refuse to break the spirit of setback! Many Christians fail to realize the importance of precision when it comes to spiritual warfare.

They are of the erroneous view that any prayer can defeat any and all opposition that's being hurled against them. This explains why confusion for the Believers of Jesus Christ quickly set in when they observe no progress in their lives, especially after much prayer from their end. Scripture specifically says to us that "IF" we resist the devil he will flee from us, James 4:7. The word "IF" indicates that whoever decides to observe the law will ultimately determine who will succeed. That being devil of human!

Now, in an attempt to achieve a greater insight into this particular scripture with a view of dealing with certain spirits in the realm of the spirit to achieve true freedom from their invisible bondage's. It is a must that we dissect this scripture for clarity and correct application. The first word we must observe in this text is the word, "RESIST". The word resist literally means to challenge or to exert some sort of opposing force against whatever is opposing or challenging you. The second word in the text that I would really like for you to place emphasis on is the word, "devil". As you may or may not have observed, the word devil begins with a common and not a capital "D". The reason for this is to point out the fact that the word devil here is  not referring to Satan himself. Instead, it's indicating common devils such as the devil of anger, the devil of pride, the devil of confusion etc. In other words devils are  subordinate spirits in comparison to The Devil, which is Satan himself.

The word devil, from a theological definition stand point is defined as evil spirits having power to influence and afflict human beings both with bodily disease and with spiritual corruption. With this understanding in mind, it now becomes imperative that the one being oppressed seek to discover which specific devil is influencing or afflicting them, so now when they seek God in prayer for spiritual assistance their aim is to target that specific devil.

Satan and his well organize kingdom are no fools when it comes to spiritual laws and protocols. In fact their strength is amplified in human ignorance. They clearly understand according to the law and protocol of James 4:7 that challenging them must be accompanied with discovering who they are specifically. Let's use the following illustration as an example. Let's say your body is being challenge by the spirit of infirmity and as a result of this it's costing you tremendous finances to the point you're lacking the financial resources to satisfy your financial obligations.

Well, I am sure you'll agree with me that praying to God to bless you with some money or to perform a financial miracle is not and will not resist the underlying spirit of infirmity that so happens to be the spiritual root of your problem. Thus, if this specific spirit goes unchallenged according to scripture and spiritual protocol he will not leave and to add to this he has every right to remain. Not knowing this insight my friend is what scripture describes as a LACK OF KNOWLEDGE that automatically guarantees failure and destruction as an end result.

Now that we understand the spiritual ramifications and implications of this spiritual law and protocol of James 4:7. Why not do an inventory of your life right now by applying the principles of this scripture to ascertain and challenge those specific devils that has succeeded in subduing you. If you still haven't discovered who these devils are, then ask God, "Lord, please reveal to me and make it crystal clear as to who are these specific devils that have enjoyed the pleasure of oppressing me successfully simply because I not only lacked the knowledge as to who they are but as a result of this lack of knowledge I could not resist them which would have automatically caused their removal form my life".

Again my friend the law is clear, "Resist the devil and he will flee from you" James 4:6.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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