Thursday, December 3, 2015

You'll see that it's all about timing

I can think of any number of people that are filled with many talents and gifts. In fact I personally know of folks that have a far better voice than a Michael Jackson, better preaching skills than a Bishop T.D Jakes or they're a better businessmen than a Donald Trump.

 So, what is it that makes these folks different from the above mentioned names? Well my friend to your surprise the difference is simply timing! You see my friend, the recognition, value and potential profit of your talents, gifts and abilities is solely dependent on the right time in spite of how talented or gifted you maybe!

 This may seem crazy to the average person, but our bibles makes this understanding abundantly clear. Scripture reminds us of the following, " To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1. This is such a powerful scripture and by extension a challenging spiritual law. In that, it's making clear to the reader that everything that will ever take place in one's life there is a specific season and time assigned to its function or performance simply because it's pregnant with purpose. In other words what you have for the most part in terms of your gifts or talent, is to benefit others rather than yourself. The reality is you're just a conduit or deliverer if you may. If you find yourself being anxious and more concern about what your talents and gifts will do for you instead of its purpose for others. Then it becomes easier to miss or misinterpret your seasons and times or at best pollute its purpose if you do manage to achieve your season and times. I promise you, your gifts and talents once shared or ministered to others will automatically benefit you or reward you. Gifts and talents released in the right season, advances and positions the possessor of those gifts and talent in areas and with folks that really could not have happen any other way.

 To take it a step further, a season, is understood to mean an assigned appointment and the understanding of time is the tenure allowed for that particular season or appointment. For example, let say you have a talent for singing, well according to the law of time and season in Ecclesiastes 3:1 you talents and gifts guarantees you a season or appointment for its recognition and a certain amount of time for its purpose to be accomplish.

 So the reality is, you should not be on a quest looking to some place or person to sow a financial seed to, so that God will cause someone to recognize your talent. Instead your request to God should be, "Lord please equip me with the ability to discern or recognize when its my season and time to display the gifts and talents you've given me because according to your law I am guaranteed the season and time for the talents and gifts you gave me in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

As a quick reminder our gifts and talents are to benefit others, ultimately with God receiving all the glory. However, once performed at the right time and season the spiritual law dictates that these gifts and talents will expand the borders of the possessor of those gifts and talents while advancing them before great men, Proverbs 18:16.

 I will end with this! Seasons and times are guaranteed for all the gifts and talents distributed to mankind by God. However, there is no guarantee that we'll all meet those seasons and times. The number one reason for folks missing their assigned seasons and times to display their gift that God had promised will make room for them, will primarily be due to connecting with the wrong, people, places and things. These my friend are the agents of delay and missed opportunities!


 Written By: Kevin L A Ewing