Saturday, July 30, 2016

The unseen world is where it's at

 One of the greatest advantages of a spirit is its ability to be invisible. Unfortunately, because we don't see spirits as we do human beings, for the most part, we fail to believe that they actually do exist.

Having the upper hand in our Christian journey is actually coming to an understanding and grasping the concept that there is an unseen (invisible) world that exists as the parent world to our natural world, better known as the spirit world. The reality is, every fruitful and notable man or woman of God had to have come to the acceptance and reality of the spirit world and at the same time decided to behave according to the revelation of that world to master and subdue the invisible forces of evil in our natural world.

Ministries that saturate and emphasizes the material things of this world. Ignore the fact that this stuff is temporal and at the same time neglect the origin of this material which is of the spirit world. At the same time keeping their followers and members alike ignorant of what the spirit world and more importantly the Christian walk is really all about.

Folks that are frustrated in their Christian journey or unbelievers that are just tired of life are clear examples to me that these folks have yet to tap into or even explore the realities of the unseen world (the spirit world). This is why scripture has repeatedly made statements to the Believers of Jesus Christ such as, "For we walk by faith and not by sight," "Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh," "For the just shall live by faith."

All throughout the scriptures, the laws of God are consistently attempting to encourage mankind to focus on the spirit world because this is ultimately where changes in our natural world will derive from. It really saddens me to observe on a daily basis how folks of the occult have such a stronger understanding of this concept. I have had numerous conversations with folks that practice Voodoo, witchcraft, etc. and how they speak of their commitments to the "spirits" to have things manifest for them that would not have to happen under normal circumstances. I had one person explained to me that while practicing witchcraft they were required to make sure detestable concoctions and actually drink it or visit the cemetery at midnight to perform certain rituals etc. so that the "spirits" would do their bidding.

So, while folks of the occult world are advancing their evil agenda in the earth based on their understanding of the knowledge of that world along with the Christian's ignorance to not resist or challenge them. The Christian churches are basically demanding that their members ignore such things and focus on homes, cars, promotions, etc........ How sad! As a result, it will be up to folks like myself to deprogram the frustrated Christian when the houses and cars and marriage did not pan out for them like their leaders had so strongly advised them on and get them to see and observe things from their origin which is and will always be the spirit world!

Trust me when I say to you that I meet up with many frustrated and tired believers. However, they are a major part of their own problem, in that they insist on being ignorant to the laws of God which govern the spirit world. This is why when I speak and teach about witchcraft, generational curses and the like which tie into the spirit world, folks will either dismiss me or say to me that, that stuff isn't real. Of course, it would be at this point in their conversation that is clearly revealing to me their lack of spiritual knowledge.

The bottom line is this! As a believer in Jesus Christ, you will repeat the cycles of frustration in your Christian journey more often than not simply because you are not being taught of things beyond this world. As a result, the spirit of frustration will maintain your efforts in seeking relief in material things such as a new home, car, promotions marriage, etc., which all have a limited assigned time of fulfillment attached to it. Instead, your focus must be in the spirit world where all things originate before manifesting in our natural world.

Those that focus and react according to what is being revealed from the spirit world will always have the upper hand in the circumstances that surround their lives and by extension the lives of others. Just because their dreams and visions which are spiritual will always be revealing to them the things that are pending in the spirit realm either for their lives or the lives of others. Thus, giving them the opportunity to address it spiritually before its manifestation in the earth physically. The original understanding of the spirit world is the fact that absolutely nothing from the spirit world can be manifested in our world outside of the co-operation and agreement between human beings and spiritual beings. This is so because God in his creation of the earth and the rules, principles, and laws that govern the universe dictates that God gave Human beings and not spirits dominion over the earth. Thus spirits, including the spirit of God engage in covenants and agreements to secure their will in the earth, according to Genesis 1:26,28 & Psalm 8:4-6.

Nevertheless, Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires (material things); but those who live by the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires, Romans 8:5

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Friday, July 29, 2016

Why am I dreaming so much lately

For God speak once, yea twice, yet man perceives it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, in slumbering upon the bed;

Then he opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction, that he may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man. Job 33:14-17.

There are so many people, saved and unsaved alike that God is continually speaking to via their dreams. Unfortunately, I would venture to say that more than ninety percent of them completely ignore their dreams. I once was in this state of ignoring my dreams until I discovered my gift of dream interpretation. I will also add that prior to my discovery of my God given ability to interpret dreams I had suffered numerous losses as a result of ignoring my dreams.

If you are having a series of dreams, especially if you weren't having such dreams before. Then it would be wise on your part to observe who or what was added to your life since you've been experiencing such dreams. If these dreams are negative then that person you have connected yourself to or some item you either was given or bought could be the point of contact and introduction of evil that has been introduced to your life and your dreams are attempting to point it out as the source of your issues.

For example did you recently purchase a car or home but since you've made the purchase you've been dreaming of strange creatures throughout the home or, someone or something chasing you or during the course of your dream the new car or home somehow went missing in the dream? Well, your dreams could be revealing that there is a curse associated with whatever it is that you've purchased or connected yourself to.

In Genesis 20. King Abimelech had taken Abraham's wife Sarah with the intent of sleeping with her. Of course this all happened due to the lie Abraham and Sarah agreed to tell King Abimelech, indicating that they were brother and sister. Interestingly enough the scripture goes on to say that God visited King Abimelech in his dream by night and said to him, "Behold, thou art but a dead man, for the woman which thou hast taken; for she is a man's wife". Now, here it is that since King Abimelech took Abraham's wife Sarah it immediately invoked a curse of death on his life. Nevertheless, God spoke to him in a dream warning King Abimelech to release Sarah back to her husband or suffer the consequences

There are some of you reading this article right now, whom God has clearly communicated to you in a dream or the dream of someone else not to marry a particular person or not to eat or take anything from a particular person or group. However, you desires have override the instructions of God and it will if it haven't already cost you in the end. I can recall vividly several years ago, I was introduced to a man that folks had label as a prophet. I was told that he was on fire for God and very committed to the things of God. Nevertheless deep within my spirit I was not comfortable with this gentleman.

Anyway, the weeks following I had two separate dreams about this person. In the first dream I was in a hotel room. I could see this gentleman but he could not see me. The gentleman was making what appeared to be some kind of witchcraft concoction. At one point in the dream he stopped what he was doing and looked directly in the direction I was standing as if he knew someone was there but at the same time had an unsure look on his face. In my second dream I dreamed that I was in a small community standing near to a small jeep and surrounded by what appeared to be military men with machine guns. I was forced into the jeep that was filled with adults and children but for some reason I could not see the occupants faces. Anyway, as the driver drove on this particular property I began to observe what seem to be creatures in the form of spirits coming up from the ground and just before I woke up out of the dream this same gentleman came up out of the ground in front of the jeep, in a spirit form and I heard a voice in the dream distinctively said to me, DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FROM THE GENTLEMAN WHOSE NAME I WOULD NOT MENTION.

I would later learn that this person was deeply involved with witchcraft prior to them becoming a "Christian" and still participating in it even as a Christian. What was even more amazing was the fact that there were Pastors that allowed this person to preach to their congregation along with "laying hand and praying" for some folks. Now, just like King Abimelech, I had the option of ignoring the instructions of the dream and I am certain I would have experiences some form of unnecessary hardship and difficulty. However just like King Abimelech I decided to obey the voice of the Lord which automatically foiled any evil plans that person was concocting against me.

I don't know who you are but I am here to say to you that God has been trying to instruct and warn you via your dreams. As a reminder God knows all things and he's consistently attempting to advise you spiritually via your dreams. It is no accident you're probably experiencing the same dream over and over again or you woke up from a dream only to go back to sleep and the dream continues. You are not having dreams because you could dream. Instead God is speaking to you or revealing the plans of the enemy pending for your life.

It is not by chance, accident or coincidence that you're being flooded with dreams since person X entered your life. It is not chance that everything is going downhill ever since you received that gift from so and so and accompanied by a series of negative dreams. Please pay serious attention to your dreams observe them while tying them to the strange occurrences that has been happening in your life ever since certain things have been added to your life.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The satanic spiritual weapon of delay

One of the oldest and most successful weapons in Satan's arsenal is the "spirit of delay."

The job and purpose of the spirit of delay will always b to ensure that its victims never ever make contact with the spiritual blessings that God has put in place for every human being before the foundation of the world according to Ephesians 1:3-4. Make no mistake, spiritual blessings will always be the original state of your physical blessings before the manifestation of your material blessings such as a car, home, marriage, job promotion, etc.

The above spiritual understanding is one of the primary reasons why Christians live in poverty, frustration, and unnecessary hardship. They believe that because they do not physically possess the home, car, job promotion, healing, etc. then they foolishly conclude that they're not blessed. While completely ignoring that God, the creator of all things had already put in place the raw materials for the physical manifestation of their blessings which Scripture points out to us as "Spiritual blessings."

With this revelation in mind, you must begin thanking God for all that he's spiritually blessed you with before the foundation of the world according to his word in Eph. 1:3-4.

For example, if you're not married but desire to be married and to be married to the right person. Then your prayer should be similar to the following, "Father, I am acutely aware according to your word that spiritually you have already blessed me with a husband/wife before the foundation of the world. Therefore I come in complete agreement with your original spiritual plans for my future husband/wife and that you re-align me to that particular destiny in the name of your Son Jesus Christ!

Again, whatever it is physical that you have labeled as The blessing. The reality is it is just the end result of that which was orchestrated and conceived spiritually and was eventually manifested physically as the second phase of what was put in place for you before the foundation of the world according to Eph. 1:3-4.

The spirit of delay targets your spiritual blessings so that there would not and can not be any manifestation of physical blessings. Again, most Christians are depleted of this knowledge, and the evidence of their lack of knowledge is that they focus their attacks against people instead of spirits, namely the "spirit of delay."

I curse and command spiritual frustration against all spirits of delay attacking your spiritual blessings in the name of Jesus Christ! I further command that every spiritual blessing that has been spiritually caged by the enemy to ensure that you experience a perpetual barren life be permanently released by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Signing documents in a dream

wrote an article sometime ago in reference to dreams that include the dreamer signing certain
documents or being asked to sign certain papers in their dreams. I also made mention in that particular article that such dreams are usually presented to us when there is a breakthrough, miracle or blessing from God on the horizon.

Well, upon waking this morning, I vividly recall having a dream and in this dream there was a lady that appeared to be a former co-worker. Anyway, we were in a home that I was not familiar with and she was moving from room to room as if she was getting dress to go somewhere. While getting dress she's briefly chatting with me but never seem to be focus. All of a sudden we're in what seem to be a kitchen area, even though I didn't recall seeing any kitchen appliances.

Anyway, I am now looking at a table that is in the center of this "kitchen" and these pair of hands appeared pointing at a colored document. While I did not see a body attached to these hands. The actions of the hands were as if it was speaking to me through its gestures. The hands began to point at different sections of this document, that upon giving it a closer inspection it now appeared to be an "expense report". So after the hands pointed at all of the sections that was on this document, the hands then finally pointed at the bottom that required my signature.

It was at this point that I woke up out of the dream. Now, I don't recall signing this document but just to be on the safe side I immediately went into prayer, renouncing, rejecting, canceling and rebuking any and all evil covenants that the enemy attempted to have me agree to spiritually via that evil document in my dream. As a reminder, our dreams are real and it is revealing the origin of all things. In other words, our dream which is the spirit realm is the world where everything is conceived prior to its physical manifestation in our natural world. As a result, whatever is conceived in the spirit world, our natural is where it intends to give birth.

Consequently, even though our physical bodies are asleep, our human spirits do not sleep, instead our spirit is fully engaged with the activities of the spirit world. It is this world that the enemy knows most of us are not familiar with and as a result he takes full advantage of the ignorance of the dreamer. The scriptural law that supports Satan and his evil spirits planting evil seeds in our dreams is found in Matthew 13:25 which states the following, "But while men "SLEPT", his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way".

So, in essence, had I signed that document, the reality is my spirit would have agreed with the spirit that was instructing me to sign whatever that document represented which was in my opinion clearly trying to secure a curse on my finances. There were too many red flags in my dream that made it easy for me to determine that it was a dream from the enemy's camp seeking spiritual approval to secure the legal rights to oppress me. For example, why would I be in an unknown house with a former co-worker that I haven't seen in well of 15 years? Secondly, Why is she chatting with me but really, I didn't understanding what she's saying to me and she's very unfocused in this dream, almost as if I was being distracted by her behavior. Finally, not only am I in a kitchen with no stove or refrigerator but why am I observing a pair of hands that do not have a body attached to it insisting that I signed what appeared to be an expense report? What was this expense report about, how did I incur the allege charges on this expense report, who is giving the approval or disapproval of this expense report?

Well, the document that seems to be an expense report was clearly an attempt to have me sign giving evil spirits the legal right to attack my finances. If you would recall, God appeared to king Solomon in his dream and asked king Solomon what would he want him to do for him, 1 Kings 3:5. Remember, King Solomon is physically asleep. So if King Solomon is asleep then who was God speaking to? Well, God was speaking to the real king Solomon which was King Solomon's spirit. However, the point I am attempting to get at is the fact that God gave king Solomon's his request IN HIS DREAM! God is a spirit, according to John 4:24. Therefore, God who is a spirit gave the spirit of King Solomon wisdom, knowledge, understanding and riches which were all in their raw state which we know to be spiritual that would eventually manifest physically in King Solomon's life. Just to provide proof of King Solomon's gift of wisdom, knowledge and understanding being spiritual when given to him by God in his DREAM, Isaiah 11:2, says the following, "And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord". 

This is why it is important for you to place serious attention on who or what is offering you whatever in your dream or what is it that you're being asked to signed in your dream simply because it will have serious spiritual and physical implications in your life. Your signing whatever document in your dream is literally forging a covenant with spirits to have legal access to your life. Again, such dreams are in an attempt to block what God has pending for you in the not too distant future.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Your human enemies are puppets of evil spirits

God will cause your enemies and haters to see the greatness and potential in you that you've failed to see in yourself!

When I look back over my life. I have come to the realization that my former haters and enemies were for the most part always in a better position than me. So the question is, what exactly were they hating on better yet why were they an enemy towards me when they were way ahead of me materially and financially?

The reality is, because our physical enemies (humans beings) are unknowingly being influenced, persuaded and led by evil spirit that are fully aware of what God has set aside for us along with what God has called us to be. These same spirits of jealousy, hate, anger, anti-progress and the like places a demand on their human agents to block, challenge or hinder anything that remotely resembles advancement for you. Trust me when I say to you that there is always a spirit behind what's challenging your efforts. However, a part of that particular spirit's success is to cause the one whom they're challenging to always focus on what they see as the source of contention such as human beings, places and things. There are many folks reading this article right now who should have been much further that they currently are. However, they've become a bully to your bullies, and enemy to your enemies and a hater to their haters. In doing the same things their human enemies are doing to them, has panned out for them a life of stagnation, misery and anti-progress. The scriptures clearly says that our real fight is not with flesh and blood (human beings). Instead we are in a constant battle with (invisible forces) evil spirits of jealousy, pride, adultery, fornication and the like that are operating through human beings to do their bidding in the earth, Ephesians 6:12

This is why it is not spiritually wise to become an enemy to your human enemy. Instead, as a believer of Jesus Christ your main focus must be recognizing and discerning the myriad of spirits using these folks to challenge and resist you. Secondly, your fight via prayer must be aimed at the spirits of jealousy, hate, discord or whatever you have determine the operating spirits to be instead of their puppets which are their human host!

In all honesty, most of the folks that are against you cannot give a valid reason as to why they hate you. More so, their intense jealousy towards you is unwarranted because more than likely they are in better positions than you. If asked, by any one why they hate you so much, the answer would probable be, "I don't know I just can't stand them". Again, just another piece of evidence of a spirit influencing them to hate you.

Please, always keep at the fore front of your mind that you are fighting spirits who are using their human agents to block, hinder or hijack the spiritual blessings that God had in place for you before the foundation of the world.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing