Friday, August 5, 2016

Maybe it's time to tweak your prayers

 Sometimes it's just a matter of adjusting your prayer to begin the process of seeing the result of what you're praying for.

For example, you have been asking God over and over again for a financial breakthrough, a car, home, college tuition etc. but nothing remotely close to your request has manifested. Well, the word of God says the following to us as it relates to God's response to our prayers:

"And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he hears us", 1 John 5:14. This scripture clearly suggest to us that whatever we ask according to the word of God, we can be assured that he has heard us.

With that being said, often times the provisions God has put in place well in advance of our needs are ignored simply because it was not manifested in the manner we either imagined it or anticipated it to be, thus we keep looking in a certain direction when God's provision for us is in another location altogether.

Therefore, I would like to challenge someone reading this note to adjust your prayer just a little by not asking God for whatever it is that you've been constantly asking him for. Instead, sincerely ask him to GUIDE AND DIRECT YOU TO WHERE HE HAS SECURED YOUR PROVISION IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF HIS SON AND YOUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!

His word says knock and it shall be open, Father, point me to the door you need me to knock on that you've secured my provision. Lord your word said that if we seek we will find. I am asking you Father, point me in the direction that I should be seeking for the resources you've secured for me. Lord, your word said that if we ask it shall be given unto us. Father I do not want to waste your time neither my time. Therefore, I am asking you to amplify your gift of discernment on my life so that I will be able to recognize according to your spirit those you have spoken to concerning my needs in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing