Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Symbols are the language of our dreams

About 95% of our dreams are saturated with symbols. It is these symbols when understood speaks to a greater reality or provides a more distinct meaning or understanding of the hidden messages that our dreams are attempting to convey.

What is a symbol? Well, in laymen' terms a symbol is the use of something to represent something else. A symbol can also be defined as an object, person, idea, etc., employed in an illustration or presentation, dream or vision to stand for or suggest something else with which it is associated either explicitly or in some more subtle way.

Thus, the symbols in our dreams literally become the language of our dreams to reveal the coded messages embedded in our dreams. Our dreams in and of itself is a mystery. However, once the dream is interpreted, the interpretation is now known as the revelation of what was once a mystery concerning our dreams. Therefore, Dream interpreters translate the language (symbols) of our dreams to reveal the hidden spiritual messages that are incorporated in our dreams.

Therefore, symbols in our dreams are pointing to real life situations and matters. The reason why our dreams are displayed mostly in symbols is that the reality of the spirit realm, in which the dream is created is far too complicated for ordinary human understanding. Nevertheless, symbols are not just limited to dreams and visions. In fact, all throughout scriptures symbols are depicted in parables to convey messages from God or to make a comparison or contrast between things that are spiritual and things that are physical.

Case and point, in Isaiah 5:1-7 a story of "The parable of the vineyard" is narrated by the prophet Isaiah. In this particular parable, it is revealed that a farmer had a great love for his vineyard to the extent that he had fenced his vineyard and removed all of the stones and planted choice vine. The story goes on to say that the farmer built a tower in the middle of the vineyard along with building a wine press. The farmer nurtured his vineyard and provided it with the best of everything with the expectation that the vineyard would bring forth the best grapes. However, to the farmer's surprise, his well-loved vineyard brought forth wild grapes!

In Isaiah 5:3, the farmer made a statement along with asking a question to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the men of Judah. "Judge I pray you, between me and my vineyard," "what more could I have done to my vineyard that I have not done in it"? "Because when I expected grapes, it brought forth wild grapes."

"Because of this, I will tell you what I will do to my vineyard: I will take away the hedge that I had in place to protect it and now it, will be eaten up and exposed to everything that the hedge once protected it from. Then I will allow it to lay waste and it shall not be pruned neither plowed. Instead, I will let thorns and wild bush to spring among it. I will also command the clouds not to rain upon it

However, the revelation of this parable is revealed in Isaiah 5:7, where the symbol of the vineyard is revealed as the house of Israel and the men of Judah were the Farmer's pleasant plants. The farmer was the Lord God himself. The Lord expected that after his provision and protection of Israel that they would display righteous judgments. Instead, they became lords of oppression. The parable further revealed in verse 5 that God would eventually remove his protection from Israel and other nations would come in and oppress them. In verse 6 however, He promised that he will no longer provide for Israel and that they would become desolate and poverty and hardship would now be their portion.

So as you would have read in the above parable, the symbols were indicating the past, current and pending state of the inhabitants of Israel just because they failed to produce what they were cultivated by God to produce.

Another example of the spiritual implications of symbols is revealed in Matthew 12:43-44. In this illustration, Jesus told a very profound revelation of how evil spirits classify human beings. Jesus said that when a person is delivered from an unclean spirit, the unclean spirit walks through dry places seeking rest and finds none. The unclean spirit then says to himself, let me return to my "HOUSE" from where I came out. The symbol of a house in this parable represents the life of a human being. Therefore for the most part when a house is presented in a dream it is symbolizing the life of a person if it is a huge house or an apartment complex, then it is expressing a family or a group!

Therefore, it is imperative that we learn the language of our dreams via the understanding of the symbols that's being presented in our dreams. This, my friend can only happen via the assistance of the Holy Spirit who has been assigned to us primarily to lead us into all truth.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The purpose and process of witchcraft

Witchcraft is an oppressive spiritual system operated by a witch or wizard to spiritually hijack and program a person's life to experience perpetual hardship, failure, depression anti-progress, etc. However, the programming of the system of witchcraft cannot be achieved outside of what is known in the world of witchcraft as an evil altar or shrine.

An altar or shrine is a place where divinity meets humanity or the visible meets with the invisible to forge evil demonic covenants with evil spirits specifically targeted at the lives of others. The life of the altar will depend on the sacrifice made at the altar, which in turn will summon particular evil spirits to attack a person. However, because spirits are not omnipresent, the practitioners of the evil altar will require something personal of the intended target such as a photo, fingernail clippings, worn clothing, hair, blood, etc. Such items, except a picture of the victim, carries the DNA of the victim so that spiritually the assigned evil spirits can locate their intended target in the spirit realm. This why it is so important to cover oneself and your loved ones daily with the whole armor of God and the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Now, when these evil workers of witchcraft can not retrieve such personal items of their victim. Then, through the consultation of the evil spirits from the altar, the witch or wizard would mix a concoction to either bury this evil on the intended victim's property or set it in a place where the victim will make some contact with this mixture. Other methods would be, placing it in the victim's food, drink clothing items or projecting evil spirits from the evil altars in the victim dreams. Therefore, dreams where one is always being fed or they're eating in their dreams, drinking in a dream, having sex in a dream or interacting with dead people in their dreams are all means of evil spirits being projected from demonic altars to begin the process of spiritually oppressing the life of the victim.

I am sure you've heard where someone was said to be "fixed" but it wasn't intended for them. In such a case, because the witch or wizard was unable to acquire anything personal of the intended victim. The witch or wizard made the decision to place it in the path they believe the intended victim would either travel. In another instance, spiritual concoctions can be put on food or drink items hoping that they would consume it. However, someone else consumed it or walked on it and as a result the person that have either walked on the concoction or consumed it. The concoction has now become the point of contact to begin the evil oppressive spiritual cycle of the system of witchcraft on that person.

The scriptures say, "Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards to be "DEFILED" by them, for I am the Lord" Leviticus 19:31. The word defile in the above text means to corrupt or change the original of something. Therefore, the purpose of wizards and witches and their attempts to enslave their victims spiritually to the system of witchcraft is to change God's original intent for their lives. It is to ensure they become opposite to God's original purpose for them. According to Genesis 1:28, God original plan for man is for him to be fruitful, multiply and replenish. In other words, God always wanted people to advance in their earthly journey. Well, the system of witchcraft is designed to bring man's natural process of advancing in every area of his life to a slow and non-productive state.

Some of the most common signs of witchcraft operating against a person would be overwhelming panic and anxiety attacks. This is usually accompanied by a progressive state of confusion with an abnormal inability to focus or concentrate on normal everyday activities. The purpose of these initial attacks would be to begin the process of slowly disabling the victim from progressing in every area of their lives, which would include losing the desire for people, places and things that they once loved and had a passion for. However, the origin of such attacks is via spiritual manipulation of course caused by the calculating efforts of evil spirits. The second phase of witchcraft attack on a person is to cause the victim to see, hear and experience things that others cannot see, hear or experience. Thus, if the victim decides to speak of their weird and strange experiences to other, they would appear crazy and strange. The purpose of this is to cause the victim to isolate him or herself from friends, family, etc. because their experiences are too incredulous to be believed by others.

Of course, it is at this point when the victim had fallen into the trap of becoming a recluse due to the efforts of evil spirits. These assigned spirits from the satanic altar where they were summoned from will begin projecting overwhelming evil thought spiritually at the victim which the victim believes are their thoughts such as logical negative thoughts, suicide, depression, etc. Unfortunately, it is the ignorance of the victim as it relates to the system of witchcraft that literally becomes the fuel of this demonic system. In other words, the victim cannot fight what they're not aware of, which of course, places them at a significant disadvantage.

Again, the idea, intent, and purpose behind the oppressive system of witchcraft are to ultimately challenge God's original plan for mankind, and that is to resist man's natural God given ability to be fruitful, multiply, replenish and to subdue the earth,. In other words for man to always advance according to Genesis 1:28.

In essence, the will of God is for man to continually develop and progress as long as he exists in the earth. On the other hand, the system of witchcraft is designed to prevent this normal progress from being achieved through hardship, depression, poverty, and confusion along with causing man to connect with what he has no business connecting with. These connections that are obviously not from God are designed by the adversary to continually BLOCK AND ULTIMATELY STOP MAN'S PROGRESS!

Written By Kevin L A Ewing

God's word above EVERYTHING else

Whatever you're challenged with today, grab a hold of a passage of scripture that speaks to that situation and begin to quietly repeat that scripture into your human spirit until that particular scripture refuse to leave your spirit.

In doing so, you are coming in agreement with the word of God, which I might add is the spirit of God. The law of the spirit world dictates that manifestation of the things of the spirit world into our natural world occurs when a human spirit comes in agreement with a spirit or the Spirit of God.

This is why the word of God reminds us to remind God of his word. Not that he forgot his word but that you would participate and agree with his word to produce what his word has promised. The bottom line is this, the eyes and presence of the Lord are literally roaming the earth in search of those that have made the decision to agree with Him, so that he can show himself strong in their matters.

This greatly explains why complainers, negative folks or folks that made their situation greater than the word of God are still waiting and will continue to wait for God to show up in their lives because they have placed their situations ABOVE the word of God, when he clearly said in his word, "For thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name" Psalm 138:2.

If God has placed or magnified his word above his name, then I think it is only wise that we magnify his word above our situation. My word for my human spirit today is, "I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST THAT STRENGTHENS ME" Philippians 4:13

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Do not forget!

Do not forget to cancel and rebuke those negative dreams you've experienced during the course of the night, before you start your day/week!

Unknown too many, our dreams are the soil bed for the enemy to plant evil seeds along with forging evil covenants spiritually in an attempt to bring about physical manifestation of that evil in the dreamer's real life. For example, you might have had a dream last night where you saw your business or work place on fire. Well, such a dream would be revealing the evil spiritual satanic seed of you either losing something very valuable that will also be very costly to replace or the dream could be revealing the spiritual satanic seed of major confusion and conflict at your business or work place. If you did not resist these events during the course of your dream. Then it is vitally imperative that you begin the process of rebuking, cancelling and denouncing such dreams upon waking or even right now! In so doing you are bringing to an end what the enemy had planted in your dream with the intent and purpose of it manifesting in your real life.

As a reminder, in order for things of the spirit world to manifest in our natural world, there MUST be an agreement between human and spirit. Unfortunately, our adversary obtains such agreements covertly by planting evil seeds in our dreams with the hope that we are ignorant to the spiritual laws that govern our dreams and just ignore our dreams upon waking.

Nevertheless, the spiritual rules of the Holy bible makes such an attempt very much legal spiritually. "But while men slept his enemy came and sowed (planted) tares (evil) among the wheat (good) and went his way" Matthew 13:25.

So in essence, to ignore or dismiss such dreams would give spiritual rights to what was planted in your dreams to be manifested in the natural. Now, for those that have difficulty recalling your dreams or you just don't understand the dreams you've had. Then the safest prayer to pray would be the following:

Father God, if my dreams were from you, then I come in complete agreement with your blessings pending for my life and the things you desire to do in my life. I also pray that there would be no delay or setback by the enemy to frustrate the blessings and plans you have for my life. On the other hand, if my dreams were from the kingdom of darkness especially the dreams that I either cannot recall or I don't understand, I cancel, rebuke, reject and renounce all curses, pending evil along with covert evil covenants that may have been established in my dreams in the name of your son Jesus Christ!

There are many that are dealing with stubborn challenges physically, which had its spiritual origin through their dreams. However, they lacked the knowledge that could have brought an end to the evil seed spiritually when it was originally planted in their dreams. "Through knowledge shall the just be delivered" Proverbs 11:9.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing