Friday, January 8, 2016

Spiritual opposition in your dreams (True story)

Out of the countless dreams that are submitted to me daily for interpretation, I thought it fitting to bring this particular dream to your attention for the sole purpose of providing you with deeper spiritual insight into your dreams.

"Minister Ewing! I know that you are a busy man based on the revelations that you offer and the spiritual insight that you teach on your Facebook wall. I would really appreciate if you could give me some insight into this dream I had about three days ago concerning my son".

I dreamt that my son was in a strange dark place, a place that I was not familiar with. Surprisingly, a dog which appeared to be a pit bull type dog was biting into the mouth of my son and at the same time, my son was with equal force biting into the mouth of this pit bull dog. Both the dog and my son was at a standstill but the force from both parties was not only intense but relentless. The funny thing is Minister Ewing, I could see all of this but they could not see me. Anyway, I also observed in the dream that there was another dog that was also watching that was silently standing behind the dog that was locked on my son's mouth. However, this dog was able to see me. The other dog began to move slowly looking for the right time and position to assist the other dog that was attacking my son.

As I saw this, I motioned with my left arm with my index finger pointing to the ground with authority motioning to the dog to not make another step, surprisingly the dog stopped and did not move any further. Just before the dream ended, again, the dog attacking my son and my son are still stationary and locked on one another, I heard my son say to the dog that was locked on him, "Boy! What you doing" my son said this, I think about twice, then the dream ended. Please, Minister Ewing! I would appreciate greatly if you would favor me among I am sure your many dream interpretation requests and provide some urgent insight to me concerning this dream that I know is not a good dream, by the way, I did cancel this dream as you have instructed us to do.

The interpretation of this dream:

My friend this is a very serious dream that is revealing much spiritual insight to the physical events going on in the life of your son and by extension yourself. Firstly, like I have mentioned in many of my teachings on dreams, dogs represents evil spirits/demons, dark places in a dream represents ignorance and confusion. However, the type of dog will reveal the rank or power of that evil spirit. In the case of your dream, it is being revealed that your son is being challenged by a high-rank demon, this is indicated by the type of dog in your dream which you indicated was a pit bull. The dream is also revealing that your son is confused and ignorant to all that is happening to him in reality. Also, this characteristic of this type of dog (pit bull) are vicious and relentless and will do anything to achieve success, which of course is the normal characteristics of such a dog in reality. Before we proceed any further with this dream, you must bear in mind that the dream is revealing the source of what is going on in your son's real life. Again, the source of all things is spiritual!

The dream is revealing that your son is being challenged by an evil spirit/demon that is giving him equal resistance to his progress (thus, your son neither the dog is moving in the dream) at the same time your son is being demonically confused and kept ignorant of the true source of his situation. The evidence of this, in reality, is that your son will find it very hard to accomplish anything at this point in his life. For example, it's like whatever he tries to do it will either become extremely difficult or his efforts will become frustrated, bottom line there will be no progress for him. Secondly, demonic reinforcement has been sent to make sure your son DOES NOT PROGRESS, this is where the second dog comes in. However, your motioning to the second dog and that dog obeying your command is revealing two very important things spiritually and they are 1) your spiritual authority is clearly recognized in the spirit realm and 2) you must continue to pray against the spiritual attacks in the life of your son that God is clearly revealing to you so that you can assist your son with his spiritual fight.

Now, think about what is actually happening in this dream that carries an even deeper spiritual implication. Both the mouth of the dog and the mouth of your son is interlocked with each other. Now let's take a look at the spiritual law, the spiritual law says, "Death and life is in the power of the tongue" Proverbs 18:21. With this being revealed this demon is specifically attacking the power of your son by causing your son not to speak the word of God which is his spiritual weapon against this demon. Therefore, based on this spiritual intelligence you must advise your son to pray the word of God against the obstacles in his life that based on your dream is clearly not by accident.

Let's take it a little deeper, you said that just before the dream ended your son said, "Boy! What you doing". This indicates that in reality, your son's challenges are from folks, places, and things that he is familiar with. However, these people, places, and things are being influenced by demonic forces to achieve the spiritual objectives of the evil spirits assigned to your son, in other words, they are just agents of demonic influence to suppress your son's progress.

I strongly advise that you and your son go on a fast together to destroy this evil, as a reminder the scriptures also states when God is fighting for you, "One man can chase a thousand [Joshua 23:10] and two shall put ten thousand to flight" [Deuteronomy 32:29-31]. In other words, you and your son together spiritually presents a greater opposition against the forces attacking your son. Your dream has revealed that you have the authority so use it to obtain victory for your son!

Friends! Please take not of this dream and observe and analyze how whenever you make the decision to dismiss your dreams simply because you either do not understand the dream or you feel it was just a dream you are at the same time tossing away your solutions to your real life issues.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing