Saturday, July 30, 2016

The unseen world is where it's at

 One of the greatest advantages of a spirit is its ability to be invisible. Unfortunately, because we don't see spirits as we do human beings, for the most part, we fail to believe that they actually do exist.

Having the upper hand in our Christian journey is actually coming to an understanding and grasping the concept that there is an unseen (invisible) world that exists as the parent world to our natural world, better known as the spirit world. The reality is, every fruitful and notable man or woman of God had to have come to the acceptance and reality of the spirit world and at the same time decided to behave according to the revelation of that world to master and subdue the invisible forces of evil in our natural world.

Ministries that saturate and emphasizes the material things of this world. Ignore the fact that this stuff is temporal and at the same time neglect the origin of this material which is of the spirit world. At the same time keeping their followers and members alike ignorant of what the spirit world and more importantly the Christian walk is really all about.

Folks that are frustrated in their Christian journey or unbelievers that are just tired of life are clear examples to me that these folks have yet to tap into or even explore the realities of the unseen world (the spirit world). This is why scripture has repeatedly made statements to the Believers of Jesus Christ such as, "For we walk by faith and not by sight," "Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh," "For the just shall live by faith."

All throughout the scriptures, the laws of God are consistently attempting to encourage mankind to focus on the spirit world because this is ultimately where changes in our natural world will derive from. It really saddens me to observe on a daily basis how folks of the occult have such a stronger understanding of this concept. I have had numerous conversations with folks that practice Voodoo, witchcraft, etc. and how they speak of their commitments to the "spirits" to have things manifest for them that would not have to happen under normal circumstances. I had one person explained to me that while practicing witchcraft they were required to make sure detestable concoctions and actually drink it or visit the cemetery at midnight to perform certain rituals etc. so that the "spirits" would do their bidding.

So, while folks of the occult world are advancing their evil agenda in the earth based on their understanding of the knowledge of that world along with the Christian's ignorance to not resist or challenge them. The Christian churches are basically demanding that their members ignore such things and focus on homes, cars, promotions, etc........ How sad! As a result, it will be up to folks like myself to deprogram the frustrated Christian when the houses and cars and marriage did not pan out for them like their leaders had so strongly advised them on and get them to see and observe things from their origin which is and will always be the spirit world!

Trust me when I say to you that I meet up with many frustrated and tired believers. However, they are a major part of their own problem, in that they insist on being ignorant to the laws of God which govern the spirit world. This is why when I speak and teach about witchcraft, generational curses and the like which tie into the spirit world, folks will either dismiss me or say to me that, that stuff isn't real. Of course, it would be at this point in their conversation that is clearly revealing to me their lack of spiritual knowledge.

The bottom line is this! As a believer in Jesus Christ, you will repeat the cycles of frustration in your Christian journey more often than not simply because you are not being taught of things beyond this world. As a result, the spirit of frustration will maintain your efforts in seeking relief in material things such as a new home, car, promotions marriage, etc., which all have a limited assigned time of fulfillment attached to it. Instead, your focus must be in the spirit world where all things originate before manifesting in our natural world.

Those that focus and react according to what is being revealed from the spirit world will always have the upper hand in the circumstances that surround their lives and by extension the lives of others. Just because their dreams and visions which are spiritual will always be revealing to them the things that are pending in the spirit realm either for their lives or the lives of others. Thus, giving them the opportunity to address it spiritually before its manifestation in the earth physically. The original understanding of the spirit world is the fact that absolutely nothing from the spirit world can be manifested in our world outside of the co-operation and agreement between human beings and spiritual beings. This is so because God in his creation of the earth and the rules, principles, and laws that govern the universe dictates that God gave Human beings and not spirits dominion over the earth. Thus spirits, including the spirit of God engage in covenants and agreements to secure their will in the earth, according to Genesis 1:26,28 & Psalm 8:4-6.

Nevertheless, Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires (material things); but those who live by the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires, Romans 8:5

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing