Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Do not forget!

Do not forget to cancel and rebuke those negative dreams you've experienced during the course of the night, before you start your day/week!

Unknown too many, our dreams are the soil bed for the enemy to plant evil seeds along with forging evil covenants spiritually in an attempt to bring about physical manifestation of that evil in the dreamer's real life. For example, you might have had a dream last night where you saw your business or work place on fire. Well, such a dream would be revealing the evil spiritual satanic seed of you either losing something very valuable that will also be very costly to replace or the dream could be revealing the spiritual satanic seed of major confusion and conflict at your business or work place. If you did not resist these events during the course of your dream. Then it is vitally imperative that you begin the process of rebuking, cancelling and denouncing such dreams upon waking or even right now! In so doing you are bringing to an end what the enemy had planted in your dream with the intent and purpose of it manifesting in your real life.

As a reminder, in order for things of the spirit world to manifest in our natural world, there MUST be an agreement between human and spirit. Unfortunately, our adversary obtains such agreements covertly by planting evil seeds in our dreams with the hope that we are ignorant to the spiritual laws that govern our dreams and just ignore our dreams upon waking.

Nevertheless, the spiritual rules of the Holy bible makes such an attempt very much legal spiritually. "But while men slept his enemy came and sowed (planted) tares (evil) among the wheat (good) and went his way" Matthew 13:25.

So in essence, to ignore or dismiss such dreams would give spiritual rights to what was planted in your dreams to be manifested in the natural. Now, for those that have difficulty recalling your dreams or you just don't understand the dreams you've had. Then the safest prayer to pray would be the following:

Father God, if my dreams were from you, then I come in complete agreement with your blessings pending for my life and the things you desire to do in my life. I also pray that there would be no delay or setback by the enemy to frustrate the blessings and plans you have for my life. On the other hand, if my dreams were from the kingdom of darkness especially the dreams that I either cannot recall or I don't understand, I cancel, rebuke, reject and renounce all curses, pending evil along with covert evil covenants that may have been established in my dreams in the name of your son Jesus Christ!

There are many that are dealing with stubborn challenges physically, which had its spiritual origin through their dreams. However, they lacked the knowledge that could have brought an end to the evil seed spiritually when it was originally planted in their dreams. "Through knowledge shall the just be delivered" Proverbs 11:9.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing