Monday, May 22, 2017

Someone's being setup for the good that's coming their way!

  In order to understand what will be good for you in the future or to possess the ability to even recognize good when it comes, you MUST go through a period of just the opposite of what you're anticipating in terms of things that are good.

As human being our ability to determine what is good will, always rest in the understanding of comparing whatever it is that we're labeling as good to what is bad. For example if you were to say to me that you have a good man in your life, then based on the laws of life this automatically suggest to me that you've had a bad man before.

I want to point out to someone this morning that the bad that's happening or going on in your life right now if viewed from a positive perspective, it is a gentle head's up to you, that not only will you experience good in the future but what you're going through currently is necessary for you to understand, recognize and decipher what that good is when it comes!

The reality is your situation can not go on forever. In fact the laws of life will not allow it to, because like the law of temporary dictates, there is a "TIME AND SEASON" for "EVERYTHING", Eccl. 3:1.

Therefore, because every situation, feeling, event, matter etc. is temporary we can fairly conclude that its purpose is conditioning us for something else. Those that find themselves repeating temporary matters is a clear sign that they're spending time murmuring and complaining instead of learning to move on to their NEXT!

My words of wisdom for this wonderful spirit filled morning is simply this, those that murmur and complain will always make what was supposed to be a temporary situation feel like FOREVER!

~Kevin L A Ewing~