Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A teachable moment

It is always my desire to share the spiritual knowledge that God has blessed me with. I am also tremendously blessed when I read the many testimonies of so many of you that have actually made my teachings practical and have witnessed the life changing result of those lessons.

As usual, there are some dreams that I single out as teachable moments that I felt would be a benefit as you seek to gain more spiritual insight. The dream below is just another one of them:

Dream by Cathryn Mouzone:
My dream was that the gorillas were in a battle with huge birds look to me to be the Phoenix if I spelled that right. And I also keep dreaming of the statue of liberty falling on her head out of the sky on to the lawn of the white house in a lot a lot of snow

My Interpretation:

Fascinating dream, that as usual revealing much spiritual insight and revelation concerning everyday mysteries. You mentioned that you saw Gorillas in battle with Phoenix birds. Now, to the average person, such a dream could seem insignificant. However, once we apply spiritual principles, we are not only better able to understand such a dream but also what our response should be as a result of the understanding gained from the dream. Your dream is explicitly revealing two types of demonic spiritual orders fighting for supremacy in your life. For example, the Phoenix could represent a generational curse while the Gorillas would represent demonic spiritual orders of manipulation, this would usually come about as a result of witchcraft being projected at you. Combating such spiritual warfare would require fasting incorporated with your prayers.

As it relates to the statue of liberty falling on her head, we must again focus on the symbol of the statue of liberty, which represents FREEDOM! Therefore, Observing the statue of Liberty falling on her head would either be pointing to restrictions on freedom or and end of freedom altogether for America. Secondly, because the statue fell on the lawn of the white house, it is representing that those restrictions will be instituted by your Government. The white snow symbolizes a time of “coldness” meaning there will be no compassion or sensitivity towards the people by the government. This could be considered the epitome of spiritual wickedness in high places. PRAY FOR YOUR COUNTRY BECAUSE YOUR DREAM IS REVEALING PERILOUS TIMES AHEAD!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing