Friday, July 7, 2017

What you're doing now will tell on you later

While it may seem as if absolutely nothing is happening for you and it seems as if it's business as usual. Know for sure that the same God that has promised his children that "ALL THINGS" must work for their good, is silently working behind the scenes ensuring that all things will do just that and that is, work for your good!

While you may not appreciate it now, in short order, you will be thanking God for this commonly used word called, "SEASONS." That's right, those that are opposing you and continually being unfair to you. This is indeed their season, and what they're doing now will determine what will be done to them in the future! But make no mistake as sure as night follows day your season of restoration and uninterrupted favor is on the horizon quickly approaching as long as you continue to do what is right in your current season of what appears to be fruitlessness.

While others may only focus on seasons as a time of flourishing, it is really a time of planting what you desire now to ensure the kind of harvest or reaping you would want during your future seasons.

In other words, even though this is not your season of plenty, fairness from others, opportunities, etc. this should not discourage you from continuing to plant the seeds of being fair to others, giving, forgiving, helping, etc. Again, it will be what you're planting in your everyday life now that will determine the outcome of what your destiny will pan out later.

So don't act surprised when things begin to fall apart, and all doors are sealed shut in your life with zero evidence of opening in your next season. The truth is you knew good and well that you made life difficult for others, blocked their opportunities and sat on their destiny when you were in a position to advance them.

I want to say to someone today. While you may be experiencing your season of occupying the chair where you make the decisions as to whether a person will advance or not. Know for sure that you are at the same time determining your own future by the seeds of hate, unfairness, Victimization or even fairness, justice and promoting others now.

Every seasons' primary purpose is to prepare us for the next season. However, we are determining right now what those future seasons will produce based on our performance towards others in the current seasons we're in. Again, God is not mocked, whatever a man does now be it good or bad, he will reap of the right or wrong he's planted now, in the future, Galatians 6:7. This is not an opinion, THIS IS A LAW!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing