Monday, June 26, 2017

Seeking assistance from the Almighty all Powerful God!

Father, amplify your spirit of discernment in me today that will enable me to see beyond the limitations of my five senses. Reveal to me Lord the traps, lies, deceit, conspiracies and whatever else that has been concocted by Satan and his human agents against me.

Father, I pray that the Spirit of truth, which is your Holy Spirit will lead me into all truth in this day and in days to come. Let your Holy Spirit convict me of any evil that resides dormant in my heart. Lord, I truly repent of any of your laws, rules or principles that I have breached. I confess my iniquities, sins along with my transgressions so that there would be no partition between you and me. Lord your word is clear when you said that he that hides his sin SHALL NOT PROSPER, Proverbs 28:13. It is my desire to prosper and not just me alone but also that there would be consistent prosperity among my family members.

Father, I now outfit myself and family with the whole armor of God so that we would be able to stand against the wiles of the enemy. I also pray that your angels will encamp around my family and I and to also deliver us as you have promised according to your word, Psalm 34:7 I now command to be arrested any and all bad news that was pending to visit me in the physical realm. I further command to be destroyed by Holy Ghost fire every evil covenant that may have been established in my dreams and all evil verbal communication from my mouth. Instead, I decree life, health, and strength shall be my portion and that of my family in this day. I decree that no good thing shall be withheld from me according to your word in Psalm 84:11. I decree and stand in complete agreement with your word that says, you will perfect all that concerns me.

Sickness will not be my portion or that of my family in Jesus name. I command and declare that every missed opportunity along with every opportunity that was somehow manipulated out of my reach must revisit me in Jesus mighty name. I speak with authority to the spirits of jealousy, hate, deceit, anger, unforgiveness, manipulation and pride that are controlling and influencing my enemies to work against me and my family and I command these spirits to become confused and disgraced by the power of the living God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Lord, I command the spirit of rejection that once turned away those that you've anointed to bless and favor me to be bound and subject to relentless torment in Jesus name. Your word declares that my strength comes from you Lord. Therefore, I am asking you by your spirit to release me of the tormenting spirits of failure, defeat, procrastination, tiredness, delays, setbacks and every other spirit that will challenge my God intended destiny in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

~Kevin L A Ewing!