Friday, May 17, 2019

Sleep Waves Of Witchcraft Are Real!

Many folks that are under witchcraft attacks on their jobs will for the most part experience the evil patterns of sleep waves and lack of desire to perform their job.

Evil sleep waves are really evil spirits assigned or projected at a person, where the victim could be very much vibrant and ready for work until they enter their workspace and settle in. Once settled in, the victim will begin to experience unusual sleepiness even though they would have had a full night's rest and probably a cup of coffee just before arriving to work or even at work. However, as long as the victim is in their work area, they will continue to battle hours of yawning and doing everything to stay awake.
Secondly, the victim will mysteriously lose all desire and motivation to complete or even perform their job. Depending on the level of witchcraft attacks projected against them they can also experience moments of frequent forgetfulness, unable to focus or concentrate and while in the middle of a conversation or even presentation mysteriously lose their train of thought. What is even more surprising, is the fact that the more the victim attempt to recall their views, the more it becomes impossible to remember what they wanted to say next. So, how can a person determine if the witchcraft attacks are reserved just to their work station or the entire workplace? Well, if the victim only experiences sleepiness at their work station but not at any other section of the workplace. Then it is clear that the witchcraft point of contact would either be invisible or visible at their work station. Of course, if the victim were to relocate to another section of the workplace and continue to experience sleepiness, then it can be concluded that the witchcraft is generally placed on the property. Now, here is where it becomes quite interesting. While the victim would have difficulties staying awake at their workplace, amazingly (again depending on the level of witchcraft attack) have problems going to sleep at their residence. Yet, what the victim is not aware of is the spirit of insomnia has been projected at their life. So the victim will experience tiredness and every other sign that they want to sleep but for some strange reason cannot sleep. The idea of such witchcraft attacks is to frustrate and fatigue the victim. To further prove that the victim is being attacked spiritually by witchcraft. The victim will be overwhelmed by dreams where they are either being chased in their dreams fighting in their dreams, swimming or flying in their dreams. Again, depending on the level of witchcraft attacks the victim would have repeated dreams where they're either being fed in their dreams or eating in their dreams or being chased by dogs or strange animals. At this point of the victim's battles nightly nightmares would be a normal thing for them.
Workplace witchcraft is by far the most common places for witchcraft paraphernalia in plain sight. However, the practitioner would disguise it as a souvenir they picked up on a trip, or religious item, strange charms they more than likely would wear on themselves such as a peculiar necklace or beaded bracelet, etc. Now, the reality is these items are more than likely either evil altars or objects from the evil altars that they serve. For those that the witchcraft was sent to affect their health. Then the victim would begin to experience annoying headaches but only on the job or not as severe as being on the job. The victim's illness will start to escalate to strange pains about their body, discoloration of their skin especially their face. The victim will begin to age rapidly and slowly begin to lose mobility of their body such as walking with a cane, then a wheelchair and finally bedridden. Nevertheless, Doctors will be left baffled because their numerous testing will always reveal that there is absolutely nothing medically wrong with the victim. Therefore, if you are or have experienced unusual sleepiness while on your job especially if there was nothing to warrant this strange sleepiness. Then more than likely there is witchcraft in your workplace. If you are not a Christian or someone standing in the gap for you in prayer then more than likely the one sending the attacks will succeed in the attacks with you. Secondly, if you're a Christian but you're experiencing all the signs that I've mentioned above. Then it is clear that you have unconfessed sin in your life because according to the rules of spiritual warfare a curse cannot descend upon you unless there is a reason, Proverbs 26:2! Just to be clear the sin in your Christian's life that could be causing these could indirect or direct sin. Indirect sin would be sins committed by their ancestors and as a result of the ancestor's unconfessed sins, iniquities and transgressions it has opened spiritual doors that provided legal, spiritual attacks on the future generations. Of course, direct sin would be active sin in the Believer's life that has not been addressed via confession and repentance. "Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Deuteronomy 18:10-11 Written by: Minister Kevin L A Ewing

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Churches Of Grand Bahama are under Severe Spiritual Attack

This is a clarion call to all Pastors of Grand Bahama. The
enemy is not outside your ministry but deeply rooted within.
Their assignment is to attack all pastors’ wives and their children while gradually working their evil into the congregation! Again, the group that's doing this is not on the outside of the church. Unfortunately, most of them have been ordained, authorized and positioned by their pastors. These folks have set up evil altars in your churches to facilitate their well-orchestrated evil, particularly that of strange sicknesses, such as cancers, unexplained swellings about the body, strange odors that only the pastor's wives can smell, etc. In some of the advanced cases, it would appear as if the pastor's wives are losing their minds, talking out of their heads and doing strange things that they would never engage in under normal circumstances. In other cases, the pastor's wives act as if their husbands are their greatest enemy and become rebellious and defiant to their husbands to the point of becoming physically abusive. As a reminder, there are spirits behind these activities that are projected from evil altars unknowing to the pastors. The pulpits and altars of the church are familiar places where witchcraft tokens can clearly be discovered, such as pennies, strange balled up human hair, bottles with certain liquids, photos or concoctions in them pieces of paper with the pastor's name or family names written on them multiple times. In other cases, you will discover strange drawing at the rear of church benches that would appear as if kids were writing or drawing on them. Instead, these are all strategic points of contact to set confusion, sickness, poverty and the like in that church. According to the word of the lord, the witches and warlock covens of Grand Bahama implemented this evil strategy against the pastor's wives and children years ago, with the collective understanding that if you smite the Shepard, the sheep will scatter. Unfortunately, our Christian community has been influenced by these wolves in sheep clothing to dismiss the notion and awareness of witchcraft, Voodoo, Obeah, and other occultist activity all of advancing their evil agenda. However, these workers of iniquity who were ignorantly ordained by their leaders that walked by sight and not faith, bullied and undermined their way to the top of their churches only to have proximity to the leaders of those churches to execute their overall plan against the Pastor's family. The more common position that they aspire would be the office of prophet or prophetess of the church, where they have the ear of the pastor. The reason why this position is so coveted by these evil workers is that they get the opportunity to execute their primary reason for occupying the post and that is to make demonic prophecies. For example, many of their so-called prophecies are negative such as, God is revealing to them an increase in cancer in the church, and an increase in job losses, etc. they would usually smooth it off by adding that God is allowing this because of the people's disobedience. The reality is once anyone accepts this evil prophecy the principle of an agreement is still valid and as such what they have said will come to pass, but make no mistake these are evil prophecies directly from the kingdom of darkness and not from God! If we were to analytically review the churches on Grand Bahama from a physical and spiritual perspective, you would immediately notice the attacks of sicknesses initially, along with unexplained mental conditions levied on the pastor's wives. In some cases, the wives met an early grave. Additionally, the attacks were not limited to the wives of the pastor's but viciously continued in the lives of their children. Secondly, you will notice the division and subsequent splitting of members who eventually form their own churches only to repeat the same process all over again. Thirdly the fall in membership and lastly the financial impact it has had both personally among the pastor's families and by extension their ministries. It does not take a rocket scientist to conclude that something is spiritually wrong! The primary weapon of choice that has proven to be hugely successful in this demonically composed exercise to disgrace the church is the weapon of "IGNORANCE." As scripture has clearly and repeatedly advised us the believers of Jesus Christ, "We perish because of a lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6. Again, as long as the pastors downplay or dismiss the reality of witchcraft and sorcery by not educating themselves and members, then the reality is they have become co-conspirators of their own demise. Again, the enemy is not outside, instead, the enemy is within the house of God sitting comfortably carrying out their evil plans with the co-operation of those spiritual leaders who make their assessments or judgments from a physical perspective while being spiritually blind to the spiritual slaughter right in their midst. Grand Bahama, please awake from your sleep in particular pastors who most have been bewitched and are unable to discern the wolves around them. The Apostle Paul said to the church of Galatians who have had similar circumstances, "O foolish Galatians, who have "BEWITCHED" you, that you should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth and crucified among you" Galatians 3:1. The word bewitched used in the text is a witchcraft term which means to place someone under a spell, charm or to mislead. The solution my friend is that the pastors must repent asking God forgiveness for making priority their agenda over God's plan while at the same time elevating members that will submit to the pastors as opposed to carrying out the will of God. Secondly, they must ask God to amplify their spirit of discernment and abandon being led by their feelings. And lastly asking God to give them the spiritual ability to pick Genuine men and women of God to engage in a genuine seven (7) day fast praying specifically against evil altars of witchcraft, disorder, sickness, poverty while asking God to release these workers of iniquity into the vengeance of God because it is ultimately God that's responsible for levying vengeance upon our enemies and not us according to Romans 12:19-20. Written by: Minister Kevin L A Ewing

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The mystery behind your breakthrough

Many of you are waiting on some significant breakthroughs. You've petitioned God relentlessly for this major turn around in your life. But Can I tell you that God answered your request, but you rejected his provision because it did not come packaged as you would have expected?

The reality is this, whenever you request something from God the protocol to his provision will always be his attempt to get you to participate in his law. As a reminder, God's word is his laws. You reject his word when you deny the protocol to his provision.

One of God's law states the following, "He that gives SHALL increase" Proverbs 11:24. Another law says "If we give it shall be given unto us" Luke 6:38. With that said, you have been asking God repeatedly to turn your finances around and bless you beyond more than enough so that you don't ever find yourself in this broke position ever again.

A few hours later after your prayer, a homeless person approaches you, and you immediately ignore them. The bank is getting ready to foreclose on your home, so you become even more desperate in your prayers asking God why isn't he answering you. The next day you 're on social media, and you discover that a friend of your established a "GoFund me" account because they're about to be evicted with no place to live or resources to assist themselves. However, you scrolled on to the next person's social media page, again totally ignoring your friend in their time of need.

The moral of this story is this. You could pray from now till thy kingdom come. You could cry and ball out to God about how desperate you need that financial breakthrough. The Pastor could pour half a gallon of olive oil until he almost drowns you. BUT! If you believe you could bypass the laws of God and have your needs met, then something is apparently wrong with you!

As it relates to the above scenario, Yes God wants us to pray, but he also wants us to participate in his law. I promise you if you are asking God for financial assistance then mysteriously someone will approach you with a need. This is not a coincidence. Instead, it is the same God you've been begging for a breakthrough. In fact, he heard you fro the first time you made your request. He sent your answer in the person who solicited you for some spear change. Had you gave it to him it would have been the protocol of your financial breakthrough to be released. Again, the law says "Give and it "SHALL" be given." The law further states, "If you give you "SHALL" increase.

Your breakthrough has been taking forever because you've been a non-giver forever. As a reminder, faith without works is dead! Now that you've prayed fasted join hands in agreement give your neighbor hi5, spin around 7 times and the rest of it. NOW IT'S TIME TO PRACTICE THE LAWS OF GOD THAT WILL ULTIMATELY RELEASE THE PROMISES OF GOD!

~Kevin L A Ewing!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

A greater revelation concerning the spirit of poverty

In all my years of ministry, I can surely say that ignorance by far of the spirit realm is the most disabling agents of spiritual warfare for most Christians.

On the other hand, God has outfitted everyone with the free gift of dreaming. While we may not recall our dreams or understand our dreams. The reality is our dreams provide us with the spiritual intelligence of what is being concocted in the spirit world either against us or for us. A perfect example of this would be found in the story of Joseph, the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ! In Matthew 2:13, the scripture stated that an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream warning him to take the child (baby Jesus) and flee to Egypt and to remain there until further advised. Now, most folks would have shrugged this off as just a dream giving no real significance to it. Nevertheless, Joseph's dream which was spiritual revealed his spirit being advised by another spirit. In this case, an angel of pending events that would not be favorable for Joseph and his family and that he should leave his current residence at one and travel into Egypt.

With the above understanding in mind. What could your dreams be revealing to you that you dismissed simply because you lack the understanding of what is being revealed to you?

Using the scenario of Joseph's dream as a reference, I would like to engage in a brief teaching concerning dreams that symbolize the spirit of poverty, debt, and financial difficulty. Now, before I proceed any further. It is important that we understand that the symbols, signs, and actions are actually revealing the activity of spirits. In this case the spirit of poverty that is at the root of financial difficulties.

As a reminder, because everything formerly happens in the spirit realm before its manifestation in our natural world. The spirit world would also have to achieve our cooperation or agreement to begin the process of manifestation of what was conceived in the spirit realm. Therefore, if you have had dreams where you saw yourself spending monies lavishly. Then your dream is revealing that you're spending your spiritual blessing which would automatically indicate that there will be a financial lack for you in the natural realm. Remember the spiritual law which says, "God has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly or spiritual places, Ephesians 1:3. Please take note that the word blessings in the text is prefixed with the word "SPIRITUAL." The word spiritual would suggest our original blessings to produce physical blessings in its raw state is not tangible. Instead, it is indeed invisible. Nevertheless, whatever you decide to do with your spiritual blessings will mirror what happens to you in your everyday life which we refer to as the natural realm.

Another symbol or action of the spirit of poverty at work in the spirit realm against you would be dreams where you see your home being sold or you're not the owner of your home in your dream. This, my friend, is revealing significant financial losses for you. A home would be one of if not the most costly investment a person or family would invest in. Therefore, to have it taken away from you in your dreams is clearly not a good sign and should be addressed with prayer and fasting. This revelation would be the same if your car went missing in your dream. If you've had a dream where you saw yourself dressed as rags or wearing well worn out shoes or basically dressed like a homeless person. Then your dream is revealing the spirit of poverty vigorously and relentlessly attacking your life. Prayer and fasting would be a must to combat this spirit. The scripture states that "This kind will only leave your life through prayer and fasting" Matthew 17:21.

Have you ever had a dream where you're walking around barefooted, or your pockets are filled with holes or your wallet or purse leaking change or losing money? Again, such symbols or actions are revealing financial losses for you spiritually that if you do not challenge such dreams, you will begin to experience the physical manifestation of economic losses in your everyday life. I must add here that such dreams could also be revealing the spiritual source of your current financial dilemma.

What about dreams where you've lost a significant amount of money or dreams where some stranger is giving you old dirty money or funds of different nations in a disorganized order. Again, these are all signs and actions of evil spirits, specifically the spirit of poverty attempting to introduce confusion, disorder and ultimately financial losses to your life. If you've had a dream where you see yourself buying things right after you've experienced a real life financial miracle. Then know for sure the spirit of poverty is preparing to launch an attack on you. Have you had dreams where you saw yourself picking up coins, or it appeared as if you found large or small sums of money in an unknown place or you've discovered money buried in the ground. Indeed this is a spiritual manipulation by the spirit of poverty to achieve your agreement in the dream for it to run its course in your life. As a reminder, spiritual manifestation occurs when that which is spirit completes an agreement with mankind. From the kingdom of darkness perspective, these agreements are usually achieved subtly and manipulatively. Therefore, the moment you collected the money you are literally coming in agreement with the spirit of poverty to run its course in your life to begin the cycles of financial losses.

Have you experienced dreams where a deceased friend or relative gave you instruction on how to win a lottery or some form of money game? What about dreams where your deceased friend or loved one gave you money? My friend, these deceased folks that appeared to be your loved ones or friend are masquerading spirit. The masquerading spirit is really the spirit of poverty attempting to deceive you to introduce poverty to your life. However, they need your cooperation to seal an agreement or covenant to have the legal right to oppress you financially.

Have you had dreams, where you were locked out of a bank, or you were on a bank line but the moment you were to be served next either the Teller closed her station or refused to help you? Such a dream is revealing blockages or the hijacking of your financial blessings. This revelation would be the same if you were at the ATM (Automatic banking machine) attempting to withdraw some funds. However, either the electricity was cut off, or your ATM card would not work.

If you've had dreams where you saw someone that you are familiar with or even a stranger removing stuff from your home. Then your dream is revealing either someone you do know or do not know stealing your spiritual blessing by placing financial curses on you. The real life evidence of this would be strangers losses of not only your monies but your material goods. Equivalent to this would be dreams where your enemy is placing money in your hand or directing you to collect funds from some strange place. Also, if you observe your enemy in your dreams "praying" over your money or speaking in an unknown language over your money. Then know for sure your finances are cursed spiritually by either your enemy.

As it relates to real life issues. If you discover that every year at a particular time you experience the same financial losses or difficulty. Again, this is evidence that the spirit of poverty is operating against you and you must fast and pray to break any covenant or agreement that you may have ignorantly established in a dream or someone cursing you financially.

Last but certainly not least, most of the financial hardship that we face especially if we observe this same consistent negative financial pattern in our immediate and extended families. Then apparently we're being challenged with generational curses by the spirit of poverty. In such a case we must repent of the sins, transgressions, and iniquities of our ancestors especially those that engaged in the ritual of Freemason, Eastern Star, witchcraft, etc. It would have been these covenants, pledges, allegiance, and oaths made outside the commandments of God that have covertly secured the spirit of poverty in our lives.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Common signs of an evil altar operating against your life

The following are but a few signs that evil altars are either erected against you or your ministry. The followings signs are also evidence that the spirits from those altars are the ones responsible for maintaining such evil patterns.

-Are you hated by others for no reason?

-Feeling cobwebs on your body when there is no visible sign of them

-Experiencing sleep paralysis

-Feel your bed shaking or vibrating

-The feeling of a presence or strange odor

-Eating or being fed in your dreams

-Dreaming about snakes

-Constantly frustrated and confused

-Major bouts of depression

-Overwhelmingly jealous attitude

-Physically feeling things moving or crawling in your body

-Experiencing a foul odor that only you can smell but no one else can

-Spouse loses all desire for their partner

-Everyone wants to sleep with you but do not want to marry you

-You are only attracted to married folks

-Every year at a certain time you are program to either lose or fail at something

-You see your life repeating the same fruitless patterns of your relatives

-You live in a repetitive state of either not enough or just enough

-Constantly missing opportunities

-Unable to achieve marriage

-Difficulties conceiving

-Multiple miscarriages

-Hearing voices when no one is present

-Stuff mysteriously going missing

-Always dreaming about deceased folks

-Dreaming about your former residence

-Hearing pots and pans moving in a residence that only you reside

-Hearing the sound of a swarm of flies around you from over your head

-Home abnormally infested with roaches, rats, ants, centipedes etc.

-Hearing strange knocks or doors closing or opening by themselves

-Achieving late in life, such as marriage, promotion etc.

-Unseen forces inappropriately touching you while awake or asleep

-An unseen force either attempting or actually having sex with you

-Your body especially your face aging before it's time or your skin particularly your face turning unusually dark in appearance

-unexplained losses of material and financial wealth

-Anxiety and Panic attacks

-A strange sickness that doctors can not accurately diagnose

-Always connecting with the wrong people

-An obsessive controlling attitude

-Major issues with insomnia

-Everything you put your hands to fails

-Folks will date you but will never marry you

-Folks will use you but disappear whenever you need help

-Folks never fulfill promises made to you.

-A strange case of sexual impotence

-An abnormal desire to have sex with anyone except your spouse

-Church membership can never grow beyond a certain level

-Sexual immorality among church leaders and members

-The church always struggling with finances

-Church leaders obsessively controlling

-There are zero signs and wonders evident in the ministry

-Church leaders are either secretly or openly gay and place gay members in leadership positions

-Ministry is in tremendous debt living above their means and saddle membership with the paying of this debt.

-Ministry leaders dismiss the belief in witchcraft, Obeah, Voodoo etc.

-Your ministry is a nest for attracting false prophets

-Ministry leadership exhibits Bipolar type behavior

- Pastor constantly announce that they are the leader, and this is their church

-Leadership destroys anyone that appears to be favored more by members than they are

-Leadership is convinced that the members must serve them and their family

-Leadership obscenely obsessed with money and material things

I can assure you that if you observe any of the above signs, do not pray against the people. Instead, pray against the evil altars controlling them. Make no mistake, if you have practiced any form of witchcraft, whether you did it to buy luck, harm someone or remove a curse from yourself. Know for certain the very altar you consulted to achieve your objectives is the very altar working against you!

The ultimate purpose of an evil altar is to hijack the God intended destiny of the victim and replace it with a destiny of hardship and oppression from Satan. Bottom line, destinies are exchanged at evil altars!

~Kevin L A Ewing!

Good morning, family, friends, and followers. As usual, many dreams are sent to me for interpretation on an ongoing basis. However, my attention was drawn to another Facebook friend whose recent dream I thought would be not only a teachable moment but also exposing how intense things are spiritually and why we need to become more serious about our faith.

Dream by: Telecia Dawson
I had a dream. It was night time. I saw people walking around and hanging out, minding their own business. As I looked up, I saw a flood of gorillas fall from the sky on the earth. In complete darkness, they were attacking and killing the people who didn't have a flashlight light. I heard the screams and cried for help. I was able to save some of the people with my flashlight. But I couldn't save them all. End. We are living in the last days. A new level of demons released on the earth. Armor up. People of God let your light shine!!!! My God. Not enough lights shining. Only light can get rid of darkness.

My Interpretation:
Very Interesting dream Telecia Dawson, and I must say that your interpretation is on point! Your dream started off where you were observing people moving about, hanging out minding their own business. This portion of your dream would be symbolic of everyday life for folks, and they're completely unaware of what is about to happen next as it relates to things of the spirit world. The next part of your dream, you said that you looked up and observed a flood of Gorillas falling from the sky on the earth. Of course, this section of the dreams is revealing that God has a) Given you spiritual insight (Prophecy) of events pending for our world, which is in line with Amos 3:7, which states that God will not allow anything on the earth unless he reveals the secrets to his Prophets first. So b) clearly, you're one of those Prophets God has chosen to show things from the spirit world that's pending for our natural world. The next part of your dream, you said that in complete darkness these Gorillas were attacking and killing the people that did not have a flash light.

This section of the dream is solemn because the darkness represents two things in this dream and they are 1) Ignorance and 2) Wickedness. Additionally, the folks with the flash light would be symbolic of Christians. The Bible clearly states that we the Believers of Jesus Christ are the light of the world, Matthew 5:14. So in essence, the Gorillas which represents a greater level and power of demonic infestation will be released spiritually to attack those that do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ (of course these would be the ones without flashlights).
The tragedy for these folks will increase tremendously along with great wickedness, but the folks without flashlights will be ignorant to the fact that the source of their calamities is of a well calculated spiritual nature. Now here is where your dream becomes even more interesting and why it should be taken seriously. You said that you hear screams and cries for help and that you were able to save some with your flash light but you were unable to save all.

Amazingly, this part of your dream is not only revealing the level of demonic activity but also some demonic spirits that are pending to be released. The scriptures inform us, the Believers that one of us are able to put 1000 to flight and two of us would be able to put 10,000 to flight. Of course, this represents the spiritual power of unity and our ability to challenge quite a large number of demonic forces at one time. It is also revealing the fact that there were more folks without flash lights as opposed to those that did have flash lights. Again, this is a reflection of Biblical prophecy when Jesus said in Luke 10:2, "Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few: pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest." I strongly suggest you engage in a fast seeking God for more detail and also to increase the workers.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

A teachable moment

It is always my desire to share the spiritual knowledge that God has blessed me with. I am also tremendously blessed when I read the many testimonies of so many of you that have actually made my teachings practical and have witnessed the life changing result of those lessons.

As usual, there are some dreams that I single out as teachable moments that I felt would be a benefit as you seek to gain more spiritual insight. The dream below is just another one of them:

Dream by Cathryn Mouzone:
My dream was that the gorillas were in a battle with huge birds look to me to be the Phoenix if I spelled that right. And I also keep dreaming of the statue of liberty falling on her head out of the sky on to the lawn of the white house in a lot a lot of snow

My Interpretation:

Fascinating dream, that as usual revealing much spiritual insight and revelation concerning everyday mysteries. You mentioned that you saw Gorillas in battle with Phoenix birds. Now, to the average person, such a dream could seem insignificant. However, once we apply spiritual principles, we are not only better able to understand such a dream but also what our response should be as a result of the understanding gained from the dream. Your dream is explicitly revealing two types of demonic spiritual orders fighting for supremacy in your life. For example, the Phoenix could represent a generational curse while the Gorillas would represent demonic spiritual orders of manipulation, this would usually come about as a result of witchcraft being projected at you. Combating such spiritual warfare would require fasting incorporated with your prayers.

As it relates to the statue of liberty falling on her head, we must again focus on the symbol of the statue of liberty, which represents FREEDOM! Therefore, Observing the statue of Liberty falling on her head would either be pointing to restrictions on freedom or and end of freedom altogether for America. Secondly, because the statue fell on the lawn of the white house, it is representing that those restrictions will be instituted by your Government. The white snow symbolizes a time of “coldness” meaning there will be no compassion or sensitivity towards the people by the government. This could be considered the epitome of spiritual wickedness in high places. PRAY FOR YOUR COUNTRY BECAUSE YOUR DREAM IS REVEALING PERILOUS TIMES AHEAD!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Friday, July 14, 2017

Transition requires change, facilitated by frustration

I can vividly recall years ago. I was at my lowest. It seems as if whatever could go wrong in my life was doing just that, going wrong? It was almost as if my enemies were standing in line, just waiting for their opportunity to take a shot at me.

As you might imagine, frustration was the order of the day for me. For those of you that haven't experienced it as yet. Prolonged frustration will eventually manifest into severe emotional pain combined with deep-rooted bitterness if not observed from a positive perspective.

The most challenging part of my experience with frustration wasn't so much that my enemies were relentless in their attacks against me. Instead, it was my repeated cries to God that seem to fall on deaf ears. Additionally, I knew deep within my spirit that I should have been much further in my life than I was at that time. The best way I can explain it is, it was like I was in a prison cell with a perfect display of all the beautiful things I wanted to do and achieve in life. However, due to the visible and invisible restrictions and limitations I was unable to break free to participate in what I knew was a better quality of life seemingly impatiently waiting on me.

To make matters worse, my life seems to be programmed to repeat the same cycle of fruitlessness, not to mention the myriad of friends who were quick to give their version of my ongoing saga. In spite of all that I have mentioned. I was completely unaware that I was in TRANSITION for better! The reality is, it should not matter if God responds to our cries or not if our TRUST is unconditionally embedded in him. After all, He knows the end of all beginnings, which is also inclusive of our transitions.

The word transition is defined as a "change" from one state or place to another. However, during the tenure of that transition more than likely your life will be turned upside down with zero sign of human or spiritual help. The reason for this as I have discovered is that "CHANGE" is the only required component for a transition. In other words, there can be no transition outside of the act of change to the person being transitioned. The purpose of this required change will almost always be initiated and administered by FRUSTRATION! It is through the process of frustration that you become so fed up with the same old fruitless non-producing routine of people, places and things that then and only then you embrace the change that is required to transition you to your next, which you probably would have dismissed under normal circumstances.

So the reality is, your life is currently turned upside down by the process of frustration to provoke the necessary changes in you to assist with your transition for better. God has transition me in just about every area of my life, and in retrospect, my way of thinking and behaving back then would certainly be my greatest enemy today. In fact, if I maintained my resistance to the changes provoked by frustration back then, I would be a complete failure today. So, why not look at your frustrations as God nudging you on the shoulder and gently whispering in your ear saying, "Prepare for change in your everyday life because I am about to take you to another level."

"Embrace the change for your transition that will be administered by frustration."

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Friday, July 7, 2017

What you're doing now will tell on you later

While it may seem as if absolutely nothing is happening for you and it seems as if it's business as usual. Know for sure that the same God that has promised his children that "ALL THINGS" must work for their good, is silently working behind the scenes ensuring that all things will do just that and that is, work for your good!

While you may not appreciate it now, in short order, you will be thanking God for this commonly used word called, "SEASONS." That's right, those that are opposing you and continually being unfair to you. This is indeed their season, and what they're doing now will determine what will be done to them in the future! But make no mistake as sure as night follows day your season of restoration and uninterrupted favor is on the horizon quickly approaching as long as you continue to do what is right in your current season of what appears to be fruitlessness.

While others may only focus on seasons as a time of flourishing, it is really a time of planting what you desire now to ensure the kind of harvest or reaping you would want during your future seasons.

In other words, even though this is not your season of plenty, fairness from others, opportunities, etc. this should not discourage you from continuing to plant the seeds of being fair to others, giving, forgiving, helping, etc. Again, it will be what you're planting in your everyday life now that will determine the outcome of what your destiny will pan out later.

So don't act surprised when things begin to fall apart, and all doors are sealed shut in your life with zero evidence of opening in your next season. The truth is you knew good and well that you made life difficult for others, blocked their opportunities, and sat on their destiny when you were in a position to advance them.

I want to say to someone today. While you may be experiencing your season of occupying the chair where you make the decisions as to whether a person will advance or not. Know for sure that you are at the same time determining your own future by the seeds of hate, unfairness, Victimization or even fairness, justice, and promoting others now.

Every seasons' primary purpose is to prepare us for the next season. However, we are determining right now what those future seasons will produce based on our performance towards others in the current seasons we're in. Again, God is not mocked, whatever a man does now be it good or bad, he will reap of the right or wrong he's planted now, in the future, Galatians 6:7. This is not an opinion, THIS IS A LAW!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Knocked down but not knocked out

One of the greatest disappointments for the enemy is to watch you get back up again.

Yes, you've been knocked down, but you must discontinue in your own strength and speak to your spirit saying, "Greater is he that is within me than he that is in the world." "Father, I can do all things through you who strengthens and enable me." "Lord, you are my help in the time of trouble."

Why have you succumbed to defeat when there are so many scriptures to empower your spirit man? Your enemy has given his best shots. Now it's your time, get back in the ring of life and begin to fight as if your life depended on it. Only this time your strategy will be struggling with the word of God!

Father, restore my mind and cause me to focus on your word in my attempts today to achieve victory over the obstacles that were posted in my path. Elevate me spiritually to see beyond my temporary circumstances. Assist me in guiding my tongue to avoid complaining and begin speaking what I desire to see as opposed to agreeing through my confessions of the negative things that are being displayed before me.

Lord, enable me to possess the power and the mindset like your servant Job, who continued to worship and praise you in spite of everything going in the opposite direction of his desires.


Written By: Kevin L A Ewing