Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A fowler is characterizing as a skilled, patient hunter, who studies his victim intensely before he launches his attack.

Nearly, one hundred percent of the time he/she is invisible or not obvious to its victims, and as you read on, the victim has no reason to suspect.

The bible says that God will surely deliver you from the snare of the fowler (Psalm 91:3
The truth is, only he can, because we will never know who the fowler is until they strike, and their strike is either disabling or fatal.

So I decided to ask God the question, how do I recognize the fowler, and he instructed me to( Psalm 55: 12-14) Now, before we go further remember the fowler has already set his trap for you it is his patient skills that you are not aware of that will make him successful.

So, in Psalm 55:12, we immediately discover that the fowler is definitely not our enemy, neither is he the one that hates us or resist us. In fact scripture reveals that the fowler is the one that is equal to us. The one who guides us, the one who we are acquainted with, sharing all our secrets, and personal areas of our lives with…..WOW!!!!!!! (The ones we call close friends)

Now you can see why when they strike it’s disabling or fatal, because they attack the core of our beings and emotions, which others are not privy to.

Lastly, all friends has the potential to become fowlers in your life, based on the intimate details of your life that you’ve released to them.


By Kevin L A Ewing

Thanking God for his wisdom