Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Law of Disorder

When we hear the word disorder, we immediately think of confusion and things being disorganized. This is in fact true, however we rarely consider the reality that there is an order in initiating disorder, simply put there are mechanisms knowing or unknowingly being followed or put in place that will secure a specific end result.

We must bear in mind that absolutely nothing just happens, no matter how small or large, good or evil, organized or disorganized it may be. There are laws that govern all situations, and in this particular case there are laws that apply to disorder that we are about to explore.

In the book of James 3:16, it illustrates the law of disorder, and I quote “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.”

Now! Let’s consider the facts that are presented here in the mentioned scripture. Firstly, in order for confusion or disorder to be produced it requires envy and strife. So let’s get a clearer understanding of these two words, so we can comprehend how the synergy of these words equals or create what we know to be disorder.

To envy is to be discontented with the success and or accomplishments of others. Strife on the other hand is to struggle or to rebel and resist something or someone.

Therefore, in an atmosphere where there are minds that have problems with others success and advancement, these same minds rebel and resist any and all efforts made by the party that is seemingly or truly advancing.

Interestingly enough, the evidence of this is saturated in environments, where you have folk’s attention and focus taken off the true purpose of the company, marriage friendship etc. So you would hear phrases like, ‘He thinks he’s better than others” “They don’t even say Good morning, or speak to people” “they think that they are smarter than everyone else” or just out right have an antagonistic attitude.

So, rather than synergy among partners, coworkers, spouses, business associates etc. to produce more, folks become personal rather than purposeful, simply by allowing these two agents of envy and strife to permeate the relationship, and now they will produce less as a team than they did individually, as a result of disorder.

The second fact of that mentioned scripture is after confusion has been achieved, James said, “and every evil work”…….. Wow!!! Now, what exactly is he suggesting here? Well what he is saying is once envy and strife has conceived and produces confusion, there must be something to maintain this confusion/disorder. This is where evil comes in. Disorder is literally a nest for evil activities

In closing, where ever there is disorder, then I expect to ascertain such evils as witchcraft, adultery, fornication compulsive liars, bitter and hateful folks etc. simply because the grounds are conducive for it. If there is no order in a church, your job etc. then I can guarantee you there are inappropriate affairs, unfairness, sickness, cancers hypertension and the likes. They are only there because they plainly have a legal right to be there because of the law of disorder. So, restore order, and you will simultaneously evict the agents responsible for disorder and evil.


By: Kevin L A Ewing