Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dreaming of unknown people, places and things

Many of us have had the experience of dreaming of people, places and things that were unknown to
us. Unfortunately, as with most of our dreams that we don’t understand we tend to not give serious though to it and as a result we ignore or dismiss them.

Today, we’ll unlock the mystery surrounding such dreams in an attempt to reveal to the dreamer of such dreams what messages are being communicated to them via their dreams.

Have you had dreams of traveling on an unknown journey or being driven by an unknown person? Well, travelling on an unknown journey indicates that the dreamer is involved in an unprofitable endeavor. Meaning, whatever it is that the dreamer is involved in or with there will be no progress, no increase no type or form of advancement, it will amount to nothing more than a dead investment. Being driven by unknown persons to an unknown destination on the other hand would indicate confusion and a non-progressing life. As with all negative dreams, this dream must be challenge upon waking from the dream. Firstly, you must cancel the dream and ask the Holy Spirit to unseat all unknown spiritual and physicals drivers (influencers) in your life and to place you back on course with your God’s intended desire and destiny for your life.

What about having dreams where you see yourself or someone that you know entering a vehicle or aircraft and not knowing the destination. This again indicates that the spirit of confusion has been sent to attack you or currently present in your life but more importantly these forces are always accompanied with the spirit of uncertainty. The evidence of this attack would display in the dreamers behavior, where the dreamer finds it difficult to make decisions especially over simple matters. The dreamer is easily confused especially if they never experienced such behavior before. Another physical sign would be, not being able to recall or memorize simple stuff. For example you’re watching television, the program you’re watching goes into a commercial break. You decide to go to the kitchen for a snack however by the time you got to the kitchen you totally forgot what you came there for. My friend you must cancel and pray against the spirits of confusion and uncertainty and bind the associating spirits of forgetfulness.

Many folks experience dreams of engaging in conversations with unknown folks or unknown folks giving them something in their dreams. For the most part these are not good dreams. In an effort to decipher if your dream of an unknown person is good or bad, you must take into consideration several things such as, what is being given to you in the dream by this unknown person, what is the environment like, meaning is the environment dark or is it well lit? What feelings or emotions you experienced after your dream, were they feelings of fear, overly concern, anxious etc. The bottom line here is simply this unknown person in your dreams are for the most part evil spirits pretending to be good people solely with the intent of polluting your destiny. For example let’s say you had a dream where an unknown person gave you a map in your dream. Well the reality is, if you accepted the map in your dream from this unknown person, you would have indeed accepted the plan of that evil spirit to alter the course or destiny of your life for the negative. In fact you’re being spiritually diverted from your God appointed blessings.

Many people have accepted monies, gifts, books, papers etc. from unknown persons in their dreams not realizing the negative spiritual implications these things carry that will ultimately release devastating manifestation into the dreamer’s life. As I have said so many times before, the principle of our dreams is to reveal the root of our everyday matters, be it matters of the past, present or future. The understanding of a dream is that the dream is spiritual and for the most part should not be taken literally. Instead one must ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who is the revealer of all truth and will also be the one that would determine if the dream is a literal dream or a symbolic dream.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

You're being condition for your space at the top!

I want to encourage that person who has been so deeply wounded and has concluded that life is just a
circle of sadness and traps of disappointment and despair. Before you make your next move, just hear me out for a few seconds.

Using myself as an example, I have taken my life's struggles, pains, disappointment's and failures and use them as a new lens in regards to viewing life. Just like you, I have had so many that have let me down, unexplainable hurts, broken promises and the relentless thoughts of, what is the purpose of life.

There were times when I felt as if praying was a waste of my time, to the point I had actually stop praying (which I do not recommend of course). The reality is my friend, the above challenges were doing more for me than I could have possibly ever imagine. Like with everything else in life, every matter, every situation and life's circumstances, there is indeed a time frame for it to exist. However, during its tenure we have been condition to focus on the negative aspects of it as opposed to viewing it as a now lesson to be successful at future tests. In retrospect I can surly thank God for every stumbling block, every set back, every disappointment and everything else that was unfairly issued me. Now that the tenure of those challenges has ended. My view of life has changed dramatically, in fact I have developed a greater appreciation and understanding for life.

My friend, hear me tonight, the worse mistake you could possible make right now is to give up, cave in or throw in the towel. In doing this you are tossing out the ingredients that were specifically designed to prepare you for what you're being conditioned for. This is why God rarely inform folks of the details of their process. for example can you imagine if God said to Joseph, you will be second in charge of Egypt but before that happens your brothers will hate you, you will be sold into slavery, you will be falsely accused of rape and thrown into a prison for something you did not do. I am sure he would have sad, "I would love to be second in charge of Egypt but if I have to go through all of that, forget it!" If you read Joseph's story carefully, every struggle he encountered it was in preparation for where he was headed.

Again, I want to say to someone tonight DO NOT GIVE UP! DO NOT GIVE IN! Your challenges, if viewed correctly is temporary and conditioning you for greater. You will experience your turn at the helm but you must be trained prior to you arriving there.............

The bottom line in all of this is, life will always seem difficult, sad, disappointing and the like when one is being conditioned for change. Your challenges my friend are conditioning you to appreciate and maintain what has been set aside just for you. You can not appreciate or even handle what's awaiting your arrival with your current state of mind. In fact your current state of mind is an enemy to your future!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All = Good + Bad

I say to folks all the time,” if you don’t learn and seek God for yourself, then any clown can give you
their version of him”
I have attended many churches and unfortunately a vast majority of them are of the erroneous belief that the bad things in life are of the Devil and the good things in life are of God. I promise you if you have been led to view life from this perspective, then I can also promise you, you’ve been missing God quite a bit.

You see my friend; it would be considered an oxymoron statement (seemingly self-contradictory), if you say to me God is in control on one hand but the Devil has done so and so on the other hand as if he can stop the plans of God. The reality is, if God is in control like we say he is (which I most certainly believe), then we must also conclude at the very least that he’s supervising whatever is taking place in our lives, be it good or bad!
To be in control suggest having complete power and authority and at minimum everything and everyone must seek your approval or permission to operate or function in whatever it is that you’re in control of.

Case and point! In Genesis 12:1-9, God not only called out Abram (who was later called Abraham) from among his relatives but God also made him a whole heap of promises concerning his seed in spite of him having no children at the age of 75 years. Now one would think that after such grand promises it would be smooth sailing for Abram, right? Well, interestingly enough beginning in verse 10 of the above mentioned chapter, things began to go south for Abram in that the land began to experience a famine (recession in today’s world). This caused Abram and his wife to go into a heathen land for support and resources.

At this point in the story most “Bible carrying Christians” would see this circumstance as the work of the Devil to hinder the plans of God for Abram’s life. Well if you continue to read the story you’ll read where what appeared to be an obstacle literally brought increase in the time of famine (recession) to the life of Abram. Question! What is it that you’re labeling as a disappointment but the reality is it’s a part of God’s plan to what he’s promised you?

You see my friend, the above biblical account is a candid example of the term, “God is in control”. Whatever appears to be disappointing, depressing, unfixable, a waste of time or constant limitations, I promise you God is indeed supervising these events all in an effort to provide good as your end result, just like he’s promised in Romans 8:28.
As a reminder, Romans 8:28, clearly states that “ALL THINGS” (suggesting the good and the bad)are  working in concert to produce good for those that love God and for those that are called to his purpose.

Whoever this understand and revelation is for today, know for sure that God is fully aware of your disappointments, constant struggles, depression, fatigue, confusion and most of all your frustrations. However, God wants you to know that even though it seems as if the Devil is working against you like in the case of our faithful brother Abram, know for sure that the reality is, because God is in control Satan and his cohorts are unknowingly working for you to bring about the will of God as it relates to your life.

God said to remind you and that you must ponder his word that says, “IN EVERYTHING (GOOD AND BAD) GIVE THANKS; FOR THIS IS THE WILL OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS FOR YOU! 1 Thessalonians 5:18.
This setback is just a setup for your comeback…………

Written By: Kevin  L A Ewing

Friday, December 6, 2013

If you haven't already, You'll discover that timing is everything!

 I can think of any number of people that are filled with many talents. In fact I personally know of folks that have a far better voice than a Michael Jackson, better preaching skills than a Bishop T.D Jakes or they're a better businessmen than a Donald Trump.

 So, what is it that makes these folks different from the above mentioned names? Well my friend to your surprise the difference is simply timing! You see my friend, the recognition, value and potential profit of your talents, gifts and abilities is solely dependent on the right time!

 This may seem crazy to the average person, but our bibles makes this understanding abundantly clear. Scripture reminds us of the following, " To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1. This is such a powerful scripture and by extension a comforting law. In that, it's making clear to the reader that everything that will ever take place in one's life there is a specific season and time assigned to it simply because it's pregnant with purpose. In other words what you have for the most part in terms of your gifts, is to benefit others rather than yourself. If you find yourself being anxious and more concern about what your talents and gifts will do for you instead of its purpose for others. Then it becomes easier to miss or misinterpret your seasons and times or at best pollute its purpose if you do manage to achieve your season and times. I promise you, your gifts and talents once shared or ministered to others will automatically benefit you.

 To take it a step further, a season, is understood to mean an assigned appointment and the understanding of time is the tenure allowed for that particular season or appointment. For example, let say you have a talent for singing, well according to the law in Ecclesiastes 3:1 you are guaranteed a season or appointment for its recognition and a certain amount of time for its purpose to be accomplish.

 So the reality is, you should not be on a quest looking to some place or person to sow a financial seed to, so that God will cause someone to recognize your talent. Instead your request to God should be, "Lord please equip me with the ability to discern or recognize when its my season and time to display the gifts and talents you've given me because according to your law I am guaranteed the season and time for the talents and gifts you gave me in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

 I will end with this, seasons and times are guaranteed for all the gifts and talents and provisions God has allotted to us in our life time. However, there is no guarantee that you'll meet those seasons and times. The number one reason for folks missing their assigned seasons and times to display their gift that God has promised will make room for them, is to connect with the wrong, people, places and things. These my friend are the agents of delay and missed opportunities!


Written By: Kevin L A Ewing