Friday, May 23, 2014

Dreaming of Snakes Part 1

Are you having dreams about snakes? Wow! these are some of the most evil dreams you could experience. A snake represents evil, wickedness, witchcraft, deceit etc.

Scripture tell us that the serpent (snake) was more subtle than any best of the field, Genesis 3:1. The word subtle is defined as being incognito, never revealing one's true identity always hiding behind someone or something else. "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him" Rev. 12:9

Black snakes represent pure evil, while the size and type of snake in your dream will determine the level of evil that is challenging you. For example, let's say you dreamt about a black cobra and you saw this black Cobra coming out of the water to attack you. Well, the dream is indicating that the spirit of witchcraft has been sent against you and because it's a Cobra it further indicates that this is not your regular attack instead a top ranking spirit, specifically a principality.

The black Cobra coming out of the water now speaks to the branch of witchcraft attacking you, which is the marine spirits aka, water spirits.

It is vitally important to understand the details of your dreams because the specific details will determine how you will respond. In this particular case your prayer must be specifically against witchcraft from the spiritual marine kingdom and because you're dealing with a principality you must advance your counter attack with fasting. As a side note, fighting principalities must include fasting along with prayer.

In Daniel chapter 10, it was as a result of Daniel's prayer and fasting that the prince of Persia (A demonic spiritual principality) was subdued by Michael, who is a chief Prince Angel of the Lord's Angelic host, Daniel 10:13. So as you would have read this type of spiritual warfare will require reinforcement, in fact I advise you to call on Michael the angel of the lord during your prayer time to assist you, providing you're on a fast of course.

This is nothing new, if you would recall Jesus himself said that certain types of evil spirits will only leave via prayer and fasting, Matthew 17:21.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

The Error of Eating and Drinking in your dream

I can vividly recall as a young boy growing up, my mother and grandmother would always tell us as kids and grandkids never to eat from other people. My grandmother, in particular, would become furious if we were visiting one of her friends and they offered us anything to eat and we accepted, we would be dealt with once we get back at home.

Of course, as kids it was never made clear as to why our parents would react in such a way, especially when; as children you know you haven't broken any of the general rules such as lying, stealing and so on. In today's teaching on dreams, we will incorporate the purpose behind our parents thinking in relationship to eating and drinking in our dreams.

There are so many Christians who should be well advanced in their walk with God and uncovering the devices of the devil. Unfortunately, because they're in bondage to mainstream Christianity such as the many conferences, religious catches, and jargon that all ends with extracting monies from your account and wallet but never providing a solution.

My desire today is to take you into the realm of not only revelation but more importantly understanding. I have said in so many of my articles before that our dreams places us directly into the spirit realm. As a reminder, while we are physically asleep the spirit part of our being is well awake engaging in the realm of the spirit. Therefore, actions, feelings, colors, people, animals, etc. are for the most part symbols and representation of greater understanding.

Have you ever had a dream of you being feed in your dream or you just plain simply eating in your dream? Well, if you had or know of someone that did, I am here to reveal the spiritual implications of such a dream. Eating in a dream is literally bait from the Enemy's camp. Now, as with everything else the Enemy's attack even though in most cases it can be very subtle, he is always operating within the boundaries of spiritual law, the reality is he has no choice. The spiritual law says, "But while men slept his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way," Matthew 13:25.

With the above the law in mind, the enemy subtly engages us in our sleep; this, of course, would be our most venerable state, especially if we are depleted of the word of God. Being in such a depleted state one is vulnerable to be manipulated by Satan and the power of darkness in their dreams. In fact, it is a lot easier to successfully attack a person in their dreams than in reality, mainly because the dreamer thinks his dream is just a dream and does not understand the importance of his dreams. For example, one would never see the correlation between eating in a dream and not being able to succeed in life. I have sat with many folks who I would have explained this principle to. It would be at this point that they began to recall dreams that they had just before an opportunity, promotion, expectations, etc. and coincidentally nothing came to fruition after the dream.

Eating in a dream like I have mentioned is satanic, demonic concoction. The reality is the food that you see along with the drinks are literally evil spirits that have transformed into certain food and drinks, mainly food and drinks that you like. For example let's say you had a dream where you were eating chocolate cake, well, this "chocolate cake" could be a spirit of poverty, a spirit of sickness, a spirit of rejection, a spirit of setback and delay, etc. This is also the case when a person visits a voodoo or witchcraft practitioner that provides them with a certain concoction to drink or a particular food to eat. The victim has zero idea that what they were told was a solution to their problem is really edibles and drinks that will reroute their original destinies and add more to their problems that are currently present in their lives. One of the most frequent occurrences of this is usually found among young high school and college students that smoke marijuana or consume some type of illegal drug. In such a case one of the participants' drugs is "laced," meaning something has been added to the substance for the most part unknowing to the victim that either temporarily or permanently alters the state of mind and behavior of the victim.

The evidence of this will be as follows: the victim becomes increasingly moody, depleted of shame; the victim will sometimes remove all of their clothing and walk the streets completely naked. The victim will always be angry, hostile, withdrawn. Sometimes the victim would go off into a Trans and go missing for days and show up as if nothing has happened. The victim becomes bipolar in their behavior and again, extremely moody. I personally know of cases where a person consumed food in a dream and from that day forward there was a particular pain in their body that could not be explained by Doctors. In fact, the Doctors concluded that the victim was creating all of this stuff in their mind. There are extreme cases where folks would feel something moving or crawling in their bodies in other situations there are those that have eliminated from their bodies snakes and strange creatures that again there is no understanding how it got there in the first place.

My friend this is Black Magic, Voodoo, Obeah, witchcraft in full effect and those that suffer from it are mainly those that LACK KNOWLEDGE! Many folks are totally unaware that they can be initiated into witchcraft or forced to marry someone that they don't even like or do something that they don't want to do via eating or drinking in the dream. An initiation is a ceremony is a process that a person takes part in becoming a member of a group. Now, in reality, the initiation is, in fact, an evil covenant being forged with the person and the group he's joining. Therefore, one can be initiated via the vulnerability of their dream through eating and drinking in the dream. Amazingly, a lot of false Prophets, Pastors and others like them resort to such evil to persuade folks to follow them or join their church or organization. This explains why when you visit a certain church you begin to have dreams where you are either eating and drinking with the members or having sex with the Pastor or leaders of that congregation. Again, all of this is demonic manipulation in the spirit realm via the dream to influence you to join that church or organization in the natural.

I am confident it is now making a whole lot of sense why our parents were so strict as to not allowing or insisting that we do not eat from others, obviously due to the covert evil that can be administered into our food which parallels the same principle of eating in our dream via spiritual contamination. 

If you have had such experiences, you must first renounce and reject every dream you've had where you were eating or drinking. Secondly, you must ask God to destroy any and all spiritual and physical materials that have found its way in your body via eating and drinking in your dreams. Also, pray that you will eliminate these evil substances either spiritually or physically from your body. However, none of what I have just mentioned would be of any use to you unless you are simultaneously on a seven day fast while adhering to the above instructions. I want to further admonish you to specifically including in your reading during your fast, Proverbs 23:1-3,6-8.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing