Saturday, June 20, 2015

Are you sure

Have you ever had that feeling that something just isn't right with someone, something or some
place? However, there is absolutely no physical evidence to prove or even identify what you're sensing deep within your spirit.

Have you or are you currently sensing that someone is not being altogether truthful with you or there is something about a particular person that is making you extremely uncomfortable that has not been revealed as yet? However, outside of your feeling  there is absolutely nothing to support your sense of discernment.

One of the difficult part of walking in the spirit as Believers of Jesus Christ is learning to disengage our five senses and allowing the spirit of God, His Holy Spirit to reveal to us via our spirit what the enemy is hiding or concocting to secure failure and destruction for us.

Satan's primary method of operation is to manipulate his victims via deception. Those that fail to build and strengthen their relationship with God become ideal candidates in being mislead and deceived by the evil one and his agents. One of his methods of deception is to initially give the appearance of Godliness and good will to the one that is being deceived or about to be deceived with the sole intent of pulling the intended victim off of their God designed destiny. In other words, to cause the Believer to never connect with what God had originally designed for them, such as the right mate, the right,career, the right church, the right life etc.

Many folks are very much bitter, hurt and disappointed today because they were convinced that they had, chosen the right mate, they thought they picked the right career, they were confident that they were being lead by the spirit to that particular church, that has now placed them in a far worse position prior to them attending that church. Question! Are you sure the Holy Spirit is leading your spirit with that choice you are about to make that will ultimately change your life? Is it that you desire a particular person or thing so bad that you have tagged God on the tail end of it to convince yourself that it is of God? Are you certain that you are not confusing the lust and selfish desires of your five senses and labeling it as the leading of the Holy Spirit?

My friend, let me tell you from personal experience, Satan is a master deceiver and an elaborate calculator of evil. No human being is exempted from his many deceptions, especially those that are lead by their lust instead of the Spirit of God! I honestly do not know who this message is for today but I am lead to speak this word to someone that desperately needs it. The lord said to tell you to LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP AND THAT YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUIT! Stop trying to convince and deceive yourself that these folks are who you desire them to be.... You are assisting the enemy to setup you up for destruction!

As a heads up, Satan will not deceive you or tempt you with things or people that do not appeal to you, instead he will use your desires and things that you gravitate to as a sugar coat with his evil embedded on the inside all in an effort in making your life a living hell.......... There is a saying that goes like this, "Not everything that glitters is gold"

Are you sure you're being lead by the Spirit of God or are you being deceived by a spirit of lust?

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing