Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jealousy will cause your peers to tolerate you instead of celebrating you

The two most tragic and disappointing observations I've witness in my journey through life is, where I have seen God restored someone's life by pulling them from the bottom and placing them at the top. However, when this same person got to the top they oppressed and made life difficult for everyone else underneath them.

My second most disappointing observation was when God finally promoted a person who has  had a life filled with difficulties and setbacks. However, this person's peers  that once claimed that they were praying for them and believing God with them for their breakthrough has now somehow transformed from a former prayer partner to Satan's right hand in destroying the promoted person's life. .

It is challenging to the mind of anyone when a fellow Christian can not appreciate what God is doing in the lives of other Believers. It is even more mind boggling when a Christian whom God has favored and promoted becomes an oppressor to others, especially to the people of God.

I have literally witnessed the spirit of jealousy grab a hold of whom I once considered humble, sound minded folks and caused them to do and say things that you never thought was in them. What I have also observed is how the spirit of jealousy caused the one that spirit is influencing to speak and display the evil that was always in this person's heart that they kept hidden from you.  Amazingly they were fine with you as long as you guys remained broke together. In fact the problem showed its ugly head when your season of promotion came before theirs.

Again, as long as you guys were singing the same old sad complaining song together, then it was perfectly normal for these same folks to make statements to you such as, "God soon turn it around for you", "God is going to bless you one day for your faithfulness", "God will reward you one day for all the hell you've been through" etc. etc. Now that God has done just that these same folks whom you figured would rejoice with you, has now become the chief force and contrary wind against you.

The mere mention of your name makes them sick, they hate to hear anything positive about you, but will rejoice and have a grand celebration if they were to discover anything negative about you. Now that God has turn things around for you the once comments of "I am praying for you brother or sister so and so that God will change your circumstances" to "I hope he or she never succeeds", "Ever since they got promoted they believe they're better than us". The reality is, such behavior and vile comments is clearly revealing why God HAS NOT PROMOTED THEM! Praise God, that God is an all knowing God and knows the end from the beginning inclusive of the hearts of such people.

Well, the purpose behind me writing this article is to address those so call Christians who's brimming over with jealousy and bitterness and thus, has become disabled in celebrating what God is doing in the lives of others. This is perhaps the reason why you're going around the same mountain year after year and making zero progress. This is also why your plans will continue to fail and your season will continue to come and go without you ever participating in them simply because GOD KNOWS YOUR UNAUTHENTIC, CORRUPT AND POLLUTED HEART! Speaking evil and setting traps for those that God has elevated will only place you further at the back of the line, simply because it is their time and season to go forward! At the pace you're going and the heart you refuse to clean up, you will continue to see others who have started out years after you but still being promoted ahead of you......

It is abundantly evident that whomever God has promoted has clearly met his qualifications for promotion and who do you think you are to SPEAK AGAINST THE PROMOTIONS OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD? Are you aware that to speak against the promotions of God is to literally be against the order and structure of God? Simply put my friend you have a serious heart condition and the spirit of jealousy is using you to the point of exposing who you always were. As a side note, the spirit of jealousy made Haman expose who he really was all because he was Jealous of Mordeci and we all know what the outcome of Haman's jealousy produced.

My advice to you is simple, I strongly suggest you invest in a spiritual Ice cream scooper and begin the process of scooping up the resentment, bitterness, selfishness and overwhelming unwarranted jealousy and hatred you've allowed Satan to nestle into the crevices of your easily influenced heart. Don't allow someone else's evil agenda to become yours. Begin to see thing from a spiritual prospective, while asking God to renew the right heart and spirit within you so that you can finally enjoy and participate in the seasons that were always being handed to you.!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing