Saturday, April 16, 2016

A deeper spiritual understanding of dreaming of the dead

I was in a conversation recently with a friend who was facing some serious spiritual challenges. Fortunately for my friend, she knew what the attack was about and more importantly she knew from whom the attacks were coming from.

My friend added, that based on my teachings, she was fully aware that a fast was in order so she decided to go on a dry fast. For those of you that are not aware of what a dry fast is, a dry fast is three days or 72 consecutive hours without food or water. Interestingly enough, immediately her fast had successfully ended she had a very strange dream.

Here is what she dreamed. “Minister Ewing, I had this strange dream the night after I ended my dry fast. In my dream, I saw this gentleman that I know was dead in reality. This deceased person in my dream approached me and said that he had a set of key for me. I stared at him in amazement, not so much that I know him to be deceased but what was the set of key for. He then looks me square in the eye and said that the keys were for his store and that he wanted me to watch his store for him. Minister Ewing, I must admit that while it all seems strange in the dream for some reason I was happy about accepting his offer to watch over his store”. She went on to say that the entire scene in the dream was dark but not to the extent she could not see.

Now, to add a little more to this story, the original reason why my friend contacted me was for the mere fact that she was confused that even though she’d completed the dry fast successfully, absolutely nothing about her situation seems to have changed. In fact, she said that she felt somewhat discouraged and depress because physically the spiritually attack against her was now manifesting in her body along with presenting unique challenges in her marriage.

Despite the fact that she was narrating this story to me, I was literally in awe, holding my mobile phone in my right hand simultaneously steering at it and wondering if she was cognizant of what she was saying to me and what she had allowed and ignorantly agreed to spiritually. At this point, I could not focus neither mentally digest what she was saying to me any further. So I interrupted her and asked her, “Are you aware of what you did in your dream?” She said, “What do you mean what I did?” I told her that I was surprised that she didn’t cancel and rebuke her dream based on the contents of her dream and also the many discussions we’ve had in regards to dreaming of deceased folks and the spiritual manipulation they represent. It was at this point that she truly came to the understanding of what she did.

Here it is, my friend made the wise decision of going on a 3-day dry fast in an effort to break demonic covenants that were causing problems to erupt in her life to the extent it was affecting her health. Only to me manipulated in her dream by a familiar spirit or otherwise known as a masquerading spirit pretending to be someone that is deceased that she’s familiar with of course to win her trust. Clearly, this masquerading spirit that was pretending to be her deceased friend was really the spirit that she originally challenged during the dry fast but was manipulated to re-establish the covenant with this spirit by accepting the keys from this spirit in her dream along with following the other instructions this spirit gave her. As a reminder, any contact with a deceased person in your dream symbolizes agreeing or covenanting with whatever it is that that spirit truly represents.
Therefore, if the masquerading spirit that’s pretending to be her deceased friend is a spirit of infirmity (sickness) then when she accepted the keys and everything else that represents agreement, she unknowingly agreed to. As a result, she’s now in the same position she originally went on the fast to rid herself of this, unfortunately, is a classic example of not being alert to the devil’s devices. Scripture cautions us in regards to the following, “Be sober, be vigilant; because of your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” 1 Peter 5:8.

There are to key statements that should be noted in the above scripture and they are we must be sober and vigilant, which simply means that we must always be spiritually alert of Satan’s traps but more importantly, the scripture clearly says that our adversary the devil is walking about “LIKE A ROARING LION” seeking whom he may devour. So, in essence, our adversary is not a roaring lion, instead, he pretends to be a roaring lion. Now, doesn’t this mirrors his behavior in our dreams, where he imitates or impersonates deceased folks all in an effort to deceive and manipulate the dreamer to sow his evil seeds?

While we can all conclude that our adversary is extremely cunning and legalistic, his behavior is governed by spiritual laws that he must adhere to. Therefore, he preys on the spiritual ignorance and the lack of the spiritual laws that his victims are clearly depleted of to plant or secure his evil seeds for a later harvest. Satan and his human agents (witches & warlocks) invade and manipulate us in our dreams via the following spiritual law, “But while men slept his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way” Mathew 13:25. Again, the masquerading spirit secured the evil covenant with my friend in her dream and went his way. Now, my friend has to begin the process all over again to break the evil covenant she ignorantly agreed to in her dream.

I will say it again and again, and that is God has outfitted all human beings with the tool of dreaming. The idea is to allow the dreamer to see through their spiritual monitor which are their dreams, the things that are pending for their life or revealing the root cause of the mysteries going on in their lives but all from a spiritual perspective……. Please pay special attentions to your dreams.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing