Saturday, April 16, 2016

The error of misinterpreting your dreams

on a daily basis I am bombarded by any number of folks seeking insight on their dreams. In fact, most of them actually never took their dreams serious until either they came across something I wrote concerning dreams or there was some dream that was so frightening they desperately needed insight on it.

Recently, I've had the unfortunate experience of interpreting someone's dream after the events of the dream had manifested in this person's life. Amazingly, this person said that they decide not to call me when they had the dream because they interpreted the dream to be a good dream and they assumed that God was showing them through the dream that even though they were experiencing complications at the time everything was going to work out fine.

Anyway, I got this call, in which I was asked to interpret a dream. Now the person that called me I knew to be pregnant at the time. Anyway, the lady said that this dream she wanted me to interpret occurred while she was in the hospital and the reason why she was in the hospital was due to some complications she was having with her baby. She went on to say that in her dream she dreamed that her father came to visit her. While he was standing by her bed side, she said that a nurse also approached her bed side asking her if she was ready. The lady asked the nurse what was she talking about because her doctor gave strict orders for her to stay in bed. The nurse insisted, that the Doctor said she must exercise. The lady said that all of a sudden another nurse entered the room with what seem to be a premature baby and that the baby was so small that the baby was laying in the palm of the nurse’s hand. The lady then asked the nurse whose baby was it, which the nurse replied that it was her baby. The lady said that she was very excited and that the nurse rest the baby on her chest, dream ended

This lady insisted that I help her with her dream and that she really needed clarity because as far as she was concerned at that time that it was a good dream. Well, I paused for a while and told the lady that this was certainly not a good dream. She immediately asked why would I conclude that it was not a good dream. I further explained that the setting of the dream along with its characters is all wrong and that she was overlooking the obvious signs of the dream that made it a bad dream. Firstly, in reality your doctors have ordered you to stay in bed due to your complications but yet in your dream the nurse is insisting that you exercise Secondly, in reality you're in the hospital because you're experiencing complication with your pregnancy but yet a "nurse" shows up with what she claims is your premature baby in her hand. The first question you should have asked yourself in regards to this dream, is when did you give birth to this baby, how come you didn't know you gave birth and finally, where is the doctor in all of this, why weren't you tired from delivery and finally which doctor gives orders to exercises after having a baby? 

With the not so obvious being revealed to her, I placed emphasis that the entire dream is spiritual and it was revealing what was about to take place or pending. I told her that the women in her dream were witches and the man that appeared to be her father was a familiar spirit pretending to be her father, again only to achieve her trust and confidence in her dream. Spiritually the witches had stolen her baby spiritually which automatically meant she would lose the baby in reality if she doesn’t rebuke and cancel the dream. The mere fact that she'd accepted the baby in the dream from the nurse spiritually indicated that she agreed to everything that she was manipulated into believing. As a reminder, in order for things to manifest from the spirit realm to our natural realm there must be an agreement between that which is spiritual and that which is natural. Unfortunately, in the kingdom of darkness securing such agreements are for the most part covert and deceptive.

All of a sudden I heard a piercing scream on the other end of the phone line, saying "I lost my baby". The lady then revealed to me that she had lost her baby and that she had miscarried while she was in the hospital and that she had the dream the night before she had the miscarriage. She further added that she was convinced that it was a good dream, and that God gave her the dream to confirm to her that everything was going to work out fine in spite of the complications she was experiencing. She said that she was so upset with God after the miscarriage that she didn't want to hear anything about the bible, prayer or any scriptures about all things working together for good.

Friends, this is just another case of a lack of spiritual knowledge, that prevented this lady from acting upon the spiritual intelligence being revealed in her dream. While God was revealing to this lady what the enemy along with his human agents had done in the spirit realm she had the opportunity of canceling and rebuking it to prevent manifestation in the natural realm. I advised this lady to pray specifically against the spirit of witchcraft, miscarriage and demonic manipulation. I told her that she must retrieve scriptures from the bible that speaks against the works of witchcraft and include these scriptures in her prayers along with scriptural promises about our seed, but prior to all of this she must cover her and her family with the whole armor of God, simply because the scriptures said that it is this armor that will cause us to stand against the wiles of the devil, Ephesians 6:11,13.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing