Sunday, July 27, 2014

Do you know why you're forgetting your dreams?

Are you frequently forgetting your dreams? In fact sometimes when you awake you know you had a lengthy
dream but find it impossible to recall. What about during the course of the day certain things will trigger parts of the dream but still you find it almost impossible to put the entire dream together?

Make no mistake such occurrences are never by chance or accident. These are demonically engineered act by evil spirits to prevent the dreamer from challenging any evil covenants that would have been covertly established in the dream.

Let's say for example you had a dream where you were eating in a dream. Well, in such a cases the dream is not a good dream, in fact, whatever it was that you ate in the dream, that seemingly appeared to be food was in fact satanic deposits being deposited into your spirit via witchcraft which will result in unexplained physical sickness, leaving medical practitioners lost as to what is going on with the victim. Unknowing to the Medical Doctors that the source of the victims sickness is spiritual. More importantly if the dreamer does not recall their dream, specifically in the above example, then the eating in the dream has forged an evil covenant to permit what was established in the spirit realm to manifest in the natural realm, again, the dreamer is completely ignorant of this if he or she can't recall their dream.

Therefore, the dreamer is ultimately forced through demonic means to forget such dreams so that the dreamer would not challenge the dream upon waking via cancelling and rebuking the dream.

Folks that are heavily engaged in spiritual warfare and those that enter into frequent fast, will be challenged with such forgetting of their dreams all in an effort by the Enemy in attempting to gain an upper hand in spiritual warfare. Folks that are involved with witchcraft, will usually use this tactic, especially against Christians to hinder the Christians' spiritual awareness of what the Enemy is concocting.

Christians and all folks alike must understand the importance of their dreams simply because their dreams are their spiritual monitors revealing to them what's pending in the realm of the spirit either against them or for them. I would advise that you either pray to remember your dream or if you don't recall the dream always cover your bases by praying the following prayer:

"Father, If my dream that I can not recall was of you and your purpose for my life then I come in complete agreement with your plans for my life. However, if what I dreamt is not of you and I was deceived by the Enemy to agree with evil covenants against my destiny, then I cancel, rebuke and reject such covenants and command it to be destroy by your fire in the name of your son Jesus Christ!

I have also discovered that folks that are on the brink of a break through, financial recovery, restoration or just being blessed will usually be plagued with the difficulty of not being able to recall their dreams of course for obvious reasons.

As a reminder the spirit world must secure the permission or agreement of the dreamer through covenants in order to manifest its will in the dreamer's life. Unfortunately, it is due to this lack of spiritual knowledge that many are living a life of "almost making it" meaning your life will be saturated with seeing the finish line but never arriving at it.

Written By:Kevin LA Ewing


  1. Hello... I have read your blogs about dreams and hope you allow me to always communicate to you
    I always have dreams and I always mind about my dreams but I can't interprete them for example one time I dreamt my friend dying ... Actually the man I love most... What could that mean please

  2. I know my break through is near, more so just mere days away. That's why every morning I ask for cancelation of covenants of dreams I can't remember. I understand silence is agreeing. I won't keep silent, if I remember a fraction of a dream anytime during the day, immediately I repent, rebuke, renounce, and denounce. I ask God to cancel, burn, and also destroy both covenant and the alter.Thank you for opening my understanding how the spirit realm works.

  3. Teacher Kevin,thank you for teaching us to apply the word daily in our lives.
    For giving us the knowledge of the word and how to tap into the spiritual realm.
    Your teachings on dreams have thought me not to take my dreams lightly/ or for granted and I am now able to interpret some.
    Though I might forget sometimes or don't remember everything,I have learnt to rebuke if it is not according to the will of God.
    I always speak and decree the scriptures upon my life and my family.All I yearn is to grow in the knowledge of Christ that I may not perish due to lacking the knowledge of the word...that i may not miss the plans that God has for me and the future that I hope for.Thank you for teaching me the scriptures and for always referring to the scriptures ( not Kevin but the scriptures😊).
    I am originally from Mozambique,currently residing in Durban- South Africa with my husband and children

    God bless you

  4. Hi Minister Kevin I'm glad that I found a preacher like you you've helped me answer most of my life long questions if I'm spiritually confused I just scroll through your teachings and by God's grace my inner mind is illuminated I pray God keeps you strong and the yearnings of your heart He will fulfill and most of all that His purpose for you be made manifest....pls I'll like to ask a few questions and ive been searching for different platforms not knowing which to use pls how do I send a message across to you

    1. His email: blessed40years ewinglakevin@icloud

  5. Minister Kevin please I need to know the meaning of this dream its been tormenting me since I was a little girl probably since I was in kindergarten I always dreamt of witches and this I remember like its not been long I dreamt of it... I saw myself captured by some creatures mainly women I don't know why I call them foul spirits but I think its because they had feathers like birds and their feathers were very colourful and they had crowns of feathers on their head on the floor I saw their colourful feathers falling off littering every where they locked me up in a toilet this toilet wasn't inside the house it was built outside I tried to escape but couldn't the toilet had a window though I was still a little girl I believe I could have climbed it but couldn't and then I found a 50kg bag of rice it was tall and I believed if I climbed it I was sure to escape but to my surprise while I climbed I slipped down I tried so much but couldn't please I need an answer as to what it means....thanks

  6. Minister Kevin
    Are you saying that if you dont remember even dreaming, it means that Ive dreamt and not remembered? Is there cases of Christians just not dreaming at all or is this simply cases of dreaming and just not remembering?

  7. This is I know.Thanks for the prayer points

  8. I had a dream some years back all my teeth fell out no blood no pain and old lady was cursing me in the dream then all my teeth started falling out


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