Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spiritual Oppression

For many believers of Jesus Christ, you are currently experiencing "spiritual oppression". Spiritual oppression is where you find supernatural evil occurrence taking place in one's life such as enormous unexpected bills, vehicle constantly having to visit the repair shop, being held down in your bed by unseen forces, your bed shaking by an unseen force, trouble erupting in the home for foolish reasons, constant insomnia. Unexplained accidents in the workplace that leads to suspension or reprimands, monies going missing off your bank accounts, panic and anxiety attacks, unidentified or unexplained sickness, severe depression to the point where it feels as if there is a literal weight on your shoulders. Constant confusion in your mind accompanied with irritating forgetfulness, strange noise and cracking sounds in your home particularly at night time.

Consistent or sporadic evil dreams/nightmares, an intense feeling of fear and unwarranted worry, always thinking about death and the loss of your livelihood. My friend if you are experiencing any of the above experiences that just all of a sudden popped up in your life then you are certainly under "spiritual oppression".

The whole idea of spiritual oppression is to overwhelm its victim in such a way that it literally disables his faith. As a result, the believer is saturated with fear, anxiety, doubt, unbelief and questions the word of God. As a result, the victim's prayer life also becomes disable which now leaves its victim in a state of utter confusion and an erroneous reliance on self; this my friend sets the course for self-destruction and an uncanny state of FRUSTRATION!

Specific prayers are your keys out of this overwhelming attack against your spiritual walk............. You must begin an aggressive counter attack inclusive of a minimum of a two-day fast, praying against the spirits of fear, confusion, anxiety and every other spirit that is associated with this spiritual oppression.

Make no mistake knowledge without application is still considered spiritual ignorance.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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