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Dreams that indicates witchcraft activities in your life

There are many people that I have met with, that even before we begin our conversation, there were certain behavioral patterns displayed by them that they were not aware of that indicated witchcraft manipulation in their lives.

For example, they were always fearful, finding it very difficult to recall the things that they wanted to say, always speaking from a negative perspective and for the most part unable to focus on what they were doing at that particular time. Of course, this was aside from the normal panic and anxiety attacks displayed by them along with unwarranted fear.

Now, before I proceed any further, I am acutely aware that this read will be met by strong opposition. However, I am also mindful of the fact that, that opposition will be as a result of the following scripture. "But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned" 1 Corinthians 2:14

In today's teaching, I would like to go into detail in regards to dreams that indicate witchcraft in a person's life. Witchcraft is the practice of sorcery, Voodoo, Obeah, Santeria, Shango, etc. The idea of witchcraft is to manipulate its victim from a spiritual perspective, whereby the spirit and soul of that person have been subdued and controlled by demonic powers via a witch or wizard working against that person.

Many are under the grand illusion that if they do not believe in witchcraft, it can not operate on them. Such folks have zero idea how far their misguided beliefs are from the truth. The reality is witchcraft working in a person's life is fueled by the ignorance of the victim. Therefore, the disbelief, dismissal or outright rejection of the existence of witchcraft gives the practitioners of witchcraft full advantage to oppress their victims without any resistance from their victims end. Of course, scripture supports this when it said, "My people are destroyed due to a "THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE" Hosea 4:6.

With the above said, the following dreams would indicate witchcraft spirits either pending for your life or currently operating in your life:

-Being shot by guns or arrows in a dream

-Being chased by dangerous animals

-waking up during the night and feeling as if something is pressing you down also known as sleep paralyzes.

-Dreaming of bodies of water such as rivers, the sea, canals, etc.

-Dreaming of yourself swimming

-Dreaming of Bats, Spiders, Crabs, Snakes or strange creatures.

-Dreaming of Rats and Roaches indicates witchcraft spirits of poverty being sent against the dreamer.

-Dreams where you see yourself carrying an unbearable load or someone forcing you to carry an unbearable burden.

-Dreams where you see yourself at a gathering where you may or may not be familiar, such dreams indicate witchcraft initiation. Meaning someone is initiating you into witchcraft via your dreams

-Eating in your dreams also indicates witchcraft activity. Someone is attempting to contaminate your spirit via the dream. As a reminder your dream is spiritual, you are your spirit in the dream so what appears as food in the dream is actually witchcraft contamination design to bewitch or control its victim from the spirit realm via demonic means.

-Having dreams about dolls with pins inserted in them or chains shackle about the body of the dolls.

-Seeing yourself flying in a dream, not in an aircraft or any ordinary means of flight. Instead seeing your body flying by itself, this is indeed a sign of witchcraft.

-Having dreams where you see pins inserted into your head, this indicates witchcraft against your mind. This causes the victim to not be able to focus, concentrate or to suffer from strange headaches that the victim or their Doctor would sum up to be migraines, etc.

-Having repeated dreams of yourself digging up objects that were planted on your property.

-Dreams where you see yourself in a Cemetery mainly walking backward out of a Cemetery or actually laying on graves.

-Dreaming of seeing yourself in a casket or buried in a grave.

-To dream of seeing your personal items buried in a graveyard or on the property of someone else or even your own property, indicates witchcraft attack, but more accurately revealing that a Witch or Wizard has buried your destiny.

-Dreams, where you see yourself in prison or cage, indicates that you have been placed in a spiritual cage via witchcraft. This means that there are spiritual limitations and restrictions placed on your life, that explains why you do have everything to succeed physical but can not get ahead.

- Sexual encounter in dreams which is a tool of witchcraft to establish evil covenants that will produce the following in the dreamer's natural life:

Difficulty getting married.
Difficult marital problems.
Difficulty getting pregnant.
Difficulty in the area of finances.

-Witchcraft on your finances in a dream would have the following indicators in your dream:

Possession of counterfeit money.
A wallet was stolen from you.
Wearing rags, shoes with holes.
Begging for money, food, etc.
Loss of cash, wallet, checkbook or paycheck.
Bank door closing in your face.

-Dreaming of someone or a group hiding books from you. Books represent knowledge in a dream, as a reminder, it is knowledge that one is not aware of that causes destruction, Hosea 4:6

While the above indicators are not exhaustive, I saw the need to reveal the most common signs that plays out in the average dreamer's dreams in regards to witchcraft activities in their lives. Folks, I can not stress enough the fact that it will always be your lack of knowledge that will either place you in captivity or prepare you for captivity.

If you have or know of someone that's experiencing such dreams or strange activities in their life, I can assure you, the common prayer will not help in such cases. Because you're being challenged with a highly manipulative demonic order, fasting must be accompanied with your prayer in the canceling of such dreams and activities in your life.

Jesus said in Matthew 17:21, "However, this kind does not come out, except by prayer and fasting" The word "kind"  in the above text refers to a different class, order, group, a rank of a higher level. If you have been recently having such dreams three (3) days of fasting and prayer would be in order. If your dreams and strange occurrences have been going on for a while, then seven (7) days of fasting and prayer would be in order. In both cases your prayers must be saturated with the word of God, meaning biblical scriptures that's relevant to your dreams and experiences and particularly asking God to destroy all spiritual contamination that has polluted your spirit and by extension your body.

"My people are gone into captivity because they lack knowledge" Isaiah 5:13, Nevertheless, The righteous shall be delivered via knowledge" Proverbs 11:9.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreaming of strange creatures watching or following you

Before we get into today's teaching on dreams,  I would like to make  mention of a
strange but expected dream that I had last night.

The reason why I said that the dream was expected, was due to the simple fact that once you begin to release knowledge against the kingdom of darkness, such as our last teaching on dreams, "Dreams that indicates witchcraft activities in your life" I knew a counterattack would have been the inevitable.

In my dream last night I dreamt that I was in what appeared to be an abandoned area. Along with myself was a white gentleman who seems to be a pilot friend of mine. In this dream he was vigorously perused by a cat, the cat was abnormally aggressive towards him in that the cat was relentless in his pursuit of my friend.

Strangely enough, while I was standing watching all of this unfold there was a green faded vehicle about thirty feet diagonally across from where I was standing. This car was filled with about three to four other cats. Anyway, the cat that was always pursuing my friend saw me, and as soon as he saw me, he discontinued his attack on my friend and began to run in my direction. I forgot to mention that this cat was literally running on its hind legs as if it was a human being. As with all my dreams, there was no fear on my part neither did I make any attempts to run. However, for some reason or the other, it was like there was some invisible force around me that this vicious cat could not get beyond in its attempt to attack me. The cat itself began to become even more aggressive, almost behaving like a human being in a rage.

All of a sudden. I heard a voice almost as if it was internal, that said to me. Say in the name of Jesus! Well, just like clockwork I said to this cat, "In the name of Jesus" when I repeated what I was instructed to say, amazingly the cat was electrocuted and fell to the ground with its body having uncontrollable convulsions and ending as if it was in a rigor mortis state. The cats that I mentioned earlier that were in the car became upset and also began to behave in an aggressive state and eventually jumped out of the window of the car making their way towards me with much rage and aggression.

Well, as they were about to leap towards me, again I said, "In the name of Jesus" repeating this statement of course and they all fell to the ground only this time they were all side by side displaying uncontrollable convulsions and eventually died.

These cats my friend are known as monitoring spirits that are sent by witchcraft practitioners to monitor their victims. The information gathered from their victims would be used for future attacks against their victims. The victim, of course, has no knowledge of this. obviously, because they lack such understanding in this area of spiritual warfare. These cats can also be Witches attacking their victims in their dreams. Therefore, if you are dreaming of cats watching you in your dreams of following you, then the dream is indicating monitoring spirits in your life. If you dream where you see birds chasing you, moving in a circular motion over your head or even stationary watching you then again the dream is revealing monitoring spirits in your life. This also explains why your enemy knows your every move.

In other instances, many folks have encounters with monitoring spirits but dismiss it as if their minds are playing tricks on them. For example, I am sure most folks have had the experience where they were sleeping or about to go to sleep, and they felt something holding or pressing down on them in your bed or wherever it is that they were laying. Now, this person is fully conscious at this point, maybe the Television is on their spouse or whoever is near them, but for some reason, they can not talk or move, again it's almost as if they've become paralyzed. In other instances, you would feel the presence of someone or something entered a particular room that you're in, which in some cases you'd feel the hair on your skin rise or the atmosphere becomes thick or you experience a sense of claustrophobia.

In other cases, some folks would see dark shadows or images flash by them in their homes or certain places. In extreme cases, folks would actually see manifestations of a tall, dark man standing a certain distance away from them more like a silhouette of a person that would stand in complete silence. In another case, a beautiful woman would manifest herself again being silent for the most part. I have had cases where a person would experience the turning off of certain things in their home. For example, they would go to be knowing that they left a certain light, fan or the air condition on, only to awake to meet these things off. These folks are the only residents of their homes, so there were no one else there to turn these things off.

Cats suddenly appearing on your property, birds such as crows, pigeons, and so on that mysteriously appear either on your property or across from it are monitoring spirits. One of the more telling signs of monitoring spirits is the appearance of an Owl during the day time or the appearance of a long legged bird know as a crane appearing on your property or any property near you steering at you.

These animals are what is known as mediums which monitoring spirits occupy to watch and observe whomever they were assigned to watch. If you home has had a sudden infestation of roaches, ants, rats or any type insects you could be dealing with monitoring spirits and don't even know it. A word to the wise, false prophets tool of choice are monitoring spirits. Through the practice of divination they are able to use monitoring spirits to retrieve information on their victims in an attempt to make their victims believe that they are hearing from the lord.

You must cancel all dreams where animals or people are following you, chasing you or even just stationary watching you. Ask God to cause them to lose your location and identity in the realm of the spirit and to bring spiritual blindness to all monitoring spirits on or even across from your property in the name of Jesus Christ.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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