Thursday, November 19, 2015

Activating the Holy Spirit within you

The Holy Spirit is always available to assist us if we would only apply our faith. Our faith is our
absolute belief and confidence in what God word says accompanied with action on our part. As a reminder, faith without works is dead, James 2:17.

The reality is, according to scripture, it is impossible to please or satisfy God outside of the application or exchange of our faith. Consequently, the Holy Spirit, just like the angels and the heavenly host, they reacts and respond primarily to the word of God! As much as they would like to assist us in our challenges. The reality is they're waiting on us to utter, declare, proclaim and decree the word of God so that they can go to war according to the scriptures that we speak against the invisible forces that's consistently fighting us spiritually in an attempt to manifest their evil will from the spirit realm into our natural world

I promise you, the Holy Spirit will always point you in the direction of the Holy scriptures which is the word of God. The reason for this is simple and that is one of his responsibilities to us is to guide us into all truth and to promote Jesus the Christ and his gospel according to John 16:13.

This is why red flags should be raised in your mind if you're visiting or you're a part of a church that rarely if ever preach or teach from the scriptures. Scripture is the foundation of any church. It should be the main thing that's discussed. It should be the basis of your healing, deliverance, prosperity etc. Simply because it is the word of God which is SPIRIT and LIFE according to John 6:63.

Question! Why should you be ordering from a televangelist items such as a miracle cloth, blessed oils, miracle water or anointed handkerchief etc as a so called point of contact, if you are  in possession of a bible? What is it that the above mentioned items can do that the Holy scriptures can not do?

I challenge you today by enabling and activating the Holy Spirit that resides within you if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. Make a commitment to feed your spirit with at least a scripture a day and make an attempt to retrieve at least a verse from whatever scripture you decide to read and begin to speak that scripture into your life so that the Holy Spirit can manifest the promises of the word of God in your life!

Written By: Kevin LA Ewing