Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rebuke negative dreams, they're trying to stop your physical blessings

The Lord has revealed through many of his prophets the wonderful things that await many of us in the not too distant future. However, that does not mean that the enemy is going to roll out a red carpet for us and allow us to retrieve them unchallenged.

Therefore, God has outfitted every human being with the spiritual tool, which is our dream! Yes, you've read correctly, it is our dreams that are constantly giving us a heads-up as to what's pending in the spiritual realm for or against us or revealing the spiritual root behind our physical issues.

The spirits of delay, lateness, setback and stumbling block are assigned by Satan to fight our SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS, to prevent the physical manifestation of our physical blessing. For example, let’s say you had a dream, and in your dream, you dream that you missed your flight, or in your dream, you saw yourself waiting for someone to pick you up at a particular time but the person never showed up.

The reality is your dream which is spiritual, is revealing the spirits of delay and set back fighting you in the spirit realm to prevent you from connecting with what God has put in place for you spiritually that has a fixed period to manifest physically in your life. Make no mistake the actions and symbols in your dreams when converted will always reveal the spirit behind the mystery of what's going on in your life physically.

This is why I insist that you challenge your negative dreams with prayer by rebuking and canceling your negative dreams. By doing this, you are literally rejecting and renouncing any evil covenants that have or was being attempted in your dreams that will give legal grounds to manifest physically in your life.

Words to the wise, the spiritual realm rely on covenants to execute their will in the earth or in the life of a human being. This is so because God has given man and not spirits dominion of the earth according to Genesis 1:26, 28. As such all spirits need the co-operations of human beings to bless or curse them or anything in the earth.

Constant negative dreams are a clear and obvious sign that something good is about to take place in the life of the dreamer. However, whatever that good thing maybe can be hijacked spiritually by evil spirits masquerading as others in their dreams all to get the dreamer to ignorantly commit to evil covenant whose sole purpose is to prevent what God has released to them spiritually with a set date to manifest physically!

As a reminder, because the spirit world is the parent world to our natural world and all things have its origin in the spirit world, all losses or success are conceived in that world and only awaits time to manifest it into our natural world.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing