Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fighting the spirits that's causing you to not recall your dreams

 If you find yourself either forgetting your dreams or you're just simply confused and frustrated when it comes to an understanding of your dreams, then make no mistake, you're being attacked spiritually as it relates to your dream life.

Folks that are under witchcraft attacks or any form of spiritual attacks will first begin to witness these attacks in their dreams. In fact, they will quickly realize that the more they make attempts to recall their dreams upon waking, the more their dreams seem to be coming to them in pieces or quickly eluding them.

It is at this point that you should stop the process of attempting to recall whatever it is that you've dreamed and immediately go into prayer. Try to avoid making verbal statements such as, "I could never remember my dreams," "It seems as if the harder I try to recall my dreams the quicker my dreams escape me." As a reminder death and life is in the power of our tongues, Proverbs 18:21 and by making such statements, you are literally coming in agreement with the evil forces sent to disable your ability to recall your dreams. In fact, you must go into specific prayers against this particular legion of demonic forces that are attempting to deprive you of the knowledge and revelations that were given to you in your dreams. Your prayer should be similar to the following:

Heavenly Father and Lord of all creation I come before you seeking spiritual assistance in combating the spirits of forgetfulness, confusion, frustration and fatigue that has been launched against the knowledge and revelation you have given to me in my dream. Father, your spiritual law, declares that it is the result of a lack of knowledge that the people of God are destroyed according to Hosea 4:6 Therefore father destroy the invisible forces that are attempting to hijack this vital knowledge you have released to me in my dream.

Lord, I stand and bind myself to your word that clearly says the memory of the just is blessed according to Proverbs 10:7 and I declare that my memory is indeed blessed and that I am able to recall all that you have released to me spiritually. Father, I now pray your word over my mind and memory. I am asking that you release to me according to your word, the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding (Isaiah 11:2) so that I will be able to understand exactly what you are saying to me or pointing out to me via my dreams.
Finally, Father, I pray and come in agreement with your servant the Apostle Paul prayed that the eyes of my understanding be enlightened so that I would know the hope of what you have called me to according to Ephesians 1:18. We stand on your word as it relates to our memory, and your word says, "The memory of the just is blessed" Proverbs 10:7.

After ending such a prayer just sit or find a relax quiet position and allow the angels of the Lord who responds to the word of God according to Psalm 103:20, begin to fight on your behalf and I promise you, that in the coming weeks you will start to recall your dreams without effort.

Wizards and witches are acutely aware of the power and importance of dreams, and they are advised by the spirits (familiar spirits) to disable your front line spiritual mechanism of information that would reveal what they're up to in the realm of the spirit.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing