Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Speak to the spirit realm with the word of God

 I could prophesy to you a thousand times over about how great your week would be and how the blessings will come running after you etc.

However, until you concretely understand that all problems are tied to a root cause and the problems itself are just the tentacles of that root, then you are in for another unwanted experience with your problems.

Every problem that is identified via our five senses will always have its roots or center base in the spirit world. Scripture is saturated with this mystery but unfortunately the majority of Christians and by extension unbelievers are lost as it relates to this mystery.

Interestingly enough, Folks that are practitioners of witchcraft and the like are very much aware of this mystery and channel their fight in this arena. They understand that what is conceived in the spirit world will eventually manifest itself in our natural world if not met with any opposition. So while Tom and Sue are fighting each other physically the spirit behind their actions are manipulating both of them spiritually. The believers of Jesus Christ insist on ignoring "spiritual warfare 101" which clearly dictates that our fight is NOT against flesh and blood, Ephesians 6:12. Thus the success rate for our enemies who engage in the world of witchcraft is higher, based on their understanding of the interaction of things spiritual directly affecting things that are natural or what our five senses can relate to. Now isn't that amazing, in that our enemy sticks to the rules of Ephesians 6:12 and gain success while we the believers ignore it and secure failure? Wow!

Matthew 8:5-13 gives us an insight into this potent understanding but very much overlooked revelation. In this particular story A Centurion's servant was sick, he had asked Jesus to heal his servant. Jesus responded by saying, "I will come and heal him".

Amazingly, the Centurion (who never profess Christianity) said to Jesus, that it was not necessary for him to physically come to his home to heal his servant, but all he needed Jesus to do was speak the word only and his servant would be heal.

In verse 9, the Centurion as a soldier was well aware of how  physical protocol and authority operates, which he clearly calculated that spiritual authority and protocol must work in like manner. In other words, this Centurion had an understanding that things that are physical are as a result of things spiritual. This is why he said to Jesus "SPEAK THE WORD ONLY AND MY SERVANT SHALL BE HEALED".

The word of God is spirit and life my friend, John 6:63, says, "The words that I speak they are spirit and they are life" (Jesus speaking). Therefore the word which is spirit was addressing the source of the man's sickness which was spiritual or demonic forces tormenting him, that once resolved will automatically produce a physical healing.

My words of wisdom to you my faithful followers today
 is simply this, begin speaking the Zoe life of God by speaking the word of God to your situation. Speak life to your finances, marriage, job, children, business, in fact speak life to yourself.

Guess what you don't have to go about as if you're crazy and trying to put on a show for others but silently saying to yourself, "Lord I speak your word which says I am above only and not beneath" "Lord your word of life says, your son Jesus Christ became a curse for us therefore I reject all curses over my family and myself".

Let this day be an unusual day where you focus in on speaking life and not death to your lifeless situations........

SPEAK THE WORD ONLY AND MY SERVANT SHALL BE HEALED, Matthew 8:8................... Wow! Mighty God we thank you for spiritual insight.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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