Thursday, October 1, 2015

Someone needs to read this!

Have you ever had a situation where you prayed, fasted, came in agreement with others but at the end of the day the very thing you were seeking God on or his favor for, be it a Job, promotion, healing a court settlement etc. everything seem to have either turned against you or your opponents got the advantage over you.

Needless to say, hurt, disappointment and mere confusion seems to surround you like a baseball cap on someone's head.

God wants someone to know today, that yes you may be disappointed, hurt, emotionally wounded and confused as to why things haven't work in your favor after the many prayers. Nevertheless, this is NOT THE END!

Yes! You may have lost the battle but it is a part of his purpose for you to WIN THE WAR! The Lord said to remind you that he is the one supervising the good and bad that is trafficking in and out of your life and everything you'll ever experience as a child of God is intended to work for your good according to his word in Romans 8:28.

The Lord said to tell you, "Do not stop praying and seeking him for direction". Instead, this seemingly setback or pseudo-win for your opponent IS THE WILL OF GOD FOR YOUR LIFE AT THIS POINT IN YOUR LIFE! However, it is just a small piece to a bigger picture that will reveal greater joy for you later. In fact you can not arrive at your God intended destiny outside of what is currently appearing as a lost, disappoint, hurt or confusion for you.

Again, all things (good and bad) are working in harmony just for your good. Therefore you must hold on to the word of God that commands you to give thanks in all things (good and bad or in spite of how negative it may seem) for this is the "WILL" of God in Christ Jesus concerning you, 1 Tess. 5:18.

"Again, you have lost the battle but it is a part of God's will all in an effort for you to win the war"

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing