Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why am I always being chased or defeated in my dreams

Time and time again I would receive emails from folks that find it so confusing as to why they are always running from someone or something in their dreams.

Amazingly this question is more predominantly asked by Christians. The reasoning behind their question is that, if they're believers of Jesus Christ then why is it that they're always being chased or defeated in their dreams and not the other way around. Well Like I have made mentioned in so many of my articles on dreams and that is our dreams are revealing revelations to the root causes of the mysteries of what's happening in our everyday life.

If you are experiencing dreams where you are always being defeated, failing at a certain task, being chased by animals, people or monsters etc. Then your dreams could be revealing one of two of the following if not both. The dream could be indicating a spirit of fear or revealing you're spiritually weak.

You see my friend, most folks are under the grand illusion that because they wear the title of Christians or attend church regularly. the devil and his agents are no match for them, of course nothing can be further from the truth. Before I proceed with this revelation let me say that Satan's greatest weapon against the human race outside of keeping us away from knowledge is to always cause us as humans to focus primarily on the natural things of this world as the source of our problems while he runs unchallenged and unabated, manipulating us spiritually.

Make no mistake, if you are always being defeated in your dreams or you're always being chased or attacked then your dream is revealing that you are weak spiritually! Let's see what scripture has to say about this, "If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small" Proverbs 24:10. As a reminder, your dreams are revealing things from their origin and the origin of all things are spiritual. Therefore, to see yourself in your dream is actually revealing the spirit part of your being and not the physical you. Again, the physical you is asleep in a bed, chair couch etc. On the other hand whatever it is that's chasing or defeating you in your dreams they are also spirits more specifically evil spirits. Being spiritually weak would indicate that the dreamer is not feeding his or her spirit spiritual food which is the Holy word of God. Do you recall what Jesus said about his words? He said, "The words (the word of God) that I speak, they are SPIRIT AND THEY ARE LIFE" John 6:63. Another scripture lends to this understanding when it said, "Man should not live by (physical) bread alone but by every word (spiritual food) that proceeded out of the mouth of God" Matthew 4:4.

In essence the word of God be it written or preached feeds the human spirit of those that would take the time to read or hear it. There are many that carry the title Christian but they are spiritually malnourished. Some of the physical signs of a person that encounter such dreams would be, they rarely succeed at anything in reality. For the Christian, he or she would always notice that non-believers accomplish more and succeed more than they do. Again these are tell-tale signs that the dreamer's spirit is depleted of spiritual food.

Consequently, for others that have such dreams but are not spiritually weak, then for them, their dream is revealing that they are either oppressed or possessed by the spirit of fear! Such folks in reality live unhealthy lives in the sense that they never really enjoy their life because their lives are consumed by fear. Every time they speak it's always in the tune of caution, be careful or they're afraid to do this or that etc. Amazingly, their dream which is revealing fear is also exposing some flaws in their Christianity. Again, let's review scripture or what I refer to as spiritual law to bring clarity to my assertion. "The wicked flee when no man pursues him: but the righteous are bold as a lion" Proverbs 28:1. The second portion of the mentioned scripture clearly says that the "RIGHTEOUS" are as "BOLD" as a lion. Well, we do know that to be bold is to be fearless. So again, if the Christian dreamer who considers him or herself righteous, then why are they always running from and not boldly confronting and defeating whom or whatever is chasing them in their dreams. Is it that they are not as righteous as they claim. In fact the first portion of that same scripture unequivocally says, the "WICKED FLEE even when no one is pursues him".

 I strongly recommend for those that are weak in spiritual strength to please feed on the word of God. During my teachings I usually suggest for those that do not like to read, to purchase the bible on CD and reduce it to a very low volume when you go to bed at night so that it can not only feed your spirit while you're asleep but also aid you in your dream warfare. For those of you that can identify with the spirit of fear making a mess of your life then  I also suggest you do a two day fast asking God to destroy all known or unknown covenants that has been forged with the spirit of fear that would have taken place in either your childhood, a life changing event in your adulthood or via your dreams.

In any event, these dreams must be challenged rebuked and cancelled whenever they occur.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing