Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pay attention to your dreams before it's too late

 Unfortunately, there are so many folks that are unknowingly engaged in the process of repeating the same disappointing events of last year. 

How is this you may ask! Well, by dismissing their dreams. I can assure you that if you were to review some of the dreams that you had some years ago and then compare them with some notable highs and lows that took place in your life, you'll quickly discover that your dreams were prompting you well in advance of those events.

I can vividly recall a lady who contacted me in complete desperation in regards to a multitude of disappointing events that were consistently going on in her life. She took a little under two hours meticulously explaining to me what she summed up to be a life of "bad luck". After patiently listening to her, I asked her if she's a person that has dreams. She immediately said to me that she dreams so much, that she feels almost tormented by her dreams.

I asked her if she could recall any dreams that she may have had prior to the last disappointment that took place in her life. "Actually, just before I was fired from my job, I had a strange dream where a strange man walked up to me at my office desk and placed a small pink piece of paper on my desk. He then pushed a clip board in my face pointing to an X, indicating that I should sign it, well I did sign it. The strange gentleman disappeared and I woke up out of the dream. Strangely enough I was fired for no reason from my job not to long after that dream " the lady said.

I explained to this lady that it was messages from the spirit realm via her dreams that were revealing to her pending events concerning her life. However, it was her ignorance to the spirit world that caused her to not only suffer the consequences that was conceived in that world but also made her a co-conspirator to the disappointing events of her life.

For example, this lady's dream was literally revealing evil powers (witchcraft) was sent to her in the spirit realm via her dream in an effort to retain her agreement in her being fired in reality. The strange gentleman, again none other than a masquerading evil spirit masquerading as a human being in the spirit realm (dream) communicating with this lady's spirit by giving her a pink piece of paper which represented being terminated from her job. However, the rules of manifestation in the earth realm or the physical realm requires agreement between human and spirit beings which was achieved when she signed at the "X" thus paving the way for her real life termination.

Another sign that her termination was all orchestrated by witchcraft powers; she was the best employee on the job along with a spotless record of service. She admitted that right after her dream her supervisor and her Boss were behaving very strange towards her almost as if they were seeking ways to get rid of her. I asked her if she had ever had an issue with any of them before, she said no, in fact they were all friends ever since she began working at the company and that she was always chosen by them to spear head important projects because of their confidence in her ability to not only get the job done but to influence her co-workers to step up to the plate in meeting the dead line for such projects. 

At the end of the day this lady had seen for herself through the principles of dreams how her "LACK OF KNOWLEDGE WAS DESTROYING HER" Hosea 4:6

I cannot advise you enough to please pay serious attention to your dreams. Begin writing them on paper as soon as you get up and ask God what revelations are being revealed to you to avoid disaster in the future. Again, your dreams are spiritual, meaning everything in your dreams are from a spiritual perspective. Evil spirits are always seeking to secure the agreement of the dreamer to bring destruction, chaos, disappointment, anti-progress etc. to the life of the dreamer. However, this is primarily done covertly in a dream.

Do not repeat the same pit falls of last year and that is by doing what you did last year which was simply IGNORING YOUR DREAMS!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing