Saturday, March 19, 2016

The complexity of some dreams

 I wrote an article sometime ago in regards to the complexity of some dreams. One of the major points I focused on in that particular article was the fact that once your knowledge begins to expand as it relates to your dreams, the more the enemy becomes conniving with the contents of the negative dreams he imposes on you.

Once you begin to apply the principle of rebuking and canceling what you've discovered to be a negative dream, you'll quickly discover that those dreams that you'd normally have will stop, only to be replaced with dreams that makes absolutely no sense at all or just simply becomes confusing. However, it is the underlying messages encoded in these dreams that are covertly seeking your approval for manifestation in your life.

For instance, I believe it was in that article I mentioned earlier, that I had a friend who was tormented with evil dreams but when he discovered that he could cancel and rebuke his dreams, that he not only discovered that those particular dreams had stopped but they were replaced with more complex or what he termed "crazy dreams". He said that one night he had a dream where he was literally cursing his wife. He said that she was standing on one side of the bed while he was standing on the other side. He further added that he was cursing her so much she could not get a word in edge wise. Of course the dream took place in their bedroom which seems to be unusually dark.

In all honesty it took me a little while to make sense of this dream until the Holy Spirit began to point me to certain scriptures that would inevitable reveal the mystery behind my friend's dream. The first scripture was Genesis 2:24, then Matthew 19:5 along with Ephesians 5:31.The resonating tone and consistent sequence in all of the mentioned scriptures were, when a man and a woman join in holy matrimony (getting married) they become one. Now this becomes a crucial point in the revelation of this dream simply because as we begin to review the contents of dream again based on this spiritual law I was able to unveil that my friend was actually cursing himself.

As a reminder, our dreams are indeed spiritual and more than ninety percent of the time our dreams are littered with a symbol that carries a far greater spiritual implication. My friend said that he was in their bedroom,
 a bedroom represents private and secluded areas of a person's life. He also mentioned that their room was unusually dark. Darkness in a dream represents ignorance and evil presence. However, the focus of his dream was my friend relentlessly cursing his wife. His wife represented himself because the spiritual law clearly states that the two shall become one flesh, Genesis 2:24.

My friend was still somewhat confused because he could not understand how is it that his dream was revealing he was cursing himself. It was at this point that I shared with him that if he was speaking negative or against certain positive and encouraging things that has either taken place in his life or pending for his life then the reality was he was cursing himself. It was at this point everything began to make complete sense to him. Through his own admission, he admitted that as of late when he was to himself and begin to think about his life he would find himself making negative statements such as, "Things will never get better for me", "I am sick of my job", "Look like I will never get promoted" etc., etc. However, he made it clear that this would only happen when he was out of the presence of others. So again, the bedroom in the dream clearly reveled the private times he spoke against himself (cursed himself) the darkness of the room which symbolized ignorance clearly revealed his ignorance of what he was doing and finally my friend cursing his wife clearly revealed according to Genesis 2:24 that while he thought he was cursing his wife in his dream the reality was, the dream was revealing that he was cursing himself.

My friend clearly understood that God was revealing the conniving tactic of the enemy from a spiritual perspective while incorporating my friend's real life approval of speaking against his destiny. As a reminder, "Death and life is in the power of the tongue and they that love the death or life that they continually speak will see the manifestation of it" Proverbs 18:21.

Why not take a moment right now and ask God to provide you with the understanding and revelation of your dreams that the enemy is constantly attempting to deceive you in. Ask him to cause you to see beyond the symbols and misleading actions of your dreams and to provide you with the spiritual insight to bring about the message or deception that's covertly being revealed in your dreams.

"My people are being destroyed because of the lack of knowledge"

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing