Saturday, March 19, 2016

The following are some of the worst dreams a person can have

 1) Being shot, stabbed or injected with a syringe in a dream

2) Having sex in a dream, even if it's with your husband or wife

3) Eating or drinking in a dream

4) Creatures or crazy folks chasing after you in your dream

5) Being bitten by a dog, snake or any type of animal in your dream

6) Always seeing yourself in your childhood home

7) Dreaming about dead people

8) Cats or Owls suspiciously watching you in a dream

9) Finding yourself in strange environments in your dream

10) After waking from a dream, you feel an invisible force holding you down

11) You see yourself performing rituals in a dream

12) Getting married in a dream

13) Signing documents in a dream

14) Accepting gifts from strangers in a dream

15) Picking up money from the ground in a dream

16) Someone giving you money but the money is a mixture of foreign currency and dirty

17) Dreaming of deceased relatives giving you money

18) Having dreams of rats and roaches

19) Dreams where you see yourself flying (your physical body flying)

20) Dreams where you are swimming

21) Always dreaming of bodies of water

22) Dreaming of folks dressed in all black

23) Dreaming of people changing from human to animal or animal to human

24) Dreams of someone speaking a different language to you or over you

25) Dreams of you marrying someone other than your real life husband or wife

26) Dreams of maggots or other creatures crawling over your body or crawling out of your body

27) Not being able to speak or move in your dream

28) Dreaming of crabs, especially black crabs

29) Dreaming of the color black

30) Dreaming of spiders and or spider webs

31) Dreams of your home or car being on fire

32) Dreams of your property or possessions, such as your car, wallet etc going missing

33) Animals licking your private parts or having sex with animals

34) Cursing your spouse in a dream

35) Seeing yourself in a casket or seeing yourself on an obituary in a dream

36) Dreams where someone is attempting to or has cut your hair in a dream

37) Being fearful after waking from a dream

38) Dreaming of a co-worker or friend always doing something crafty and deceitful against you

39) Dreams of your spiritual leader always attempting or having sex with you

40) Having repetitive negative dreams about a particular person, place or thing

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing