Saturday, September 3, 2016

Building your spirit man for dream warfare

While interpreting a dream for a friend today, he revealed to me that he doesn't understand why as of late it seems as if he's fearful in his dreams. He added that even though he knows that he should be speaking the word of God against the evil opponents in his dream. For some reason, he becomes paralyzed with fear and fail to resist his opponents in his dreams.

After reciting his dream to me, he was quick to mention to me that he's committed to his prayer life and finds early Morning Prayer to be one of the best times for him to pray.

My first question to him was, "You are not a frequent reader of your bible are you?" Well, he sheepishly looked at me with a guilty smile, nodding his head to confirm what I had already determine based on his behavior in his dream.

Now, you may be wondering what this guy is reading his Bible has to do with overcoming his fears and achieving victory in his dreams. Well, I am happy that you asked. As a reminder, our physical being is refueled and energized by natural food such as meats, dairy fruits, etc. However, our spirit is fueled by things of the spirit, which In the case of a Christian his or her spiritual food would be their reading of the Holy Bible or exposure to the word of God. Therefore, if one neglects reading the scriptures their spirit becomes spiritually malnourished. Consequently, he or she becomes spiritually weak and vulnerable to the attacks and consumed by fear of evil spirits in the spirit realm, which would be their dreams.

The scriptures remind us that one of the functions of the Holy Spirit is to bring to our recollection the things that Christ have said (which are the Holy Scriptures) according to John 14:26. However, the only way the Spirit of truth can perform this; we must commit ourselves to reading the word of God. Jesus said, "The words that I speak they are SPIRIT and they are LIFE", John 6:63. So, in essence, the word of God which is Spirit, empowers our spirit and energizes it with LIFE!

I advised this gentleman that his dreams are revealing that he must either saturate his spirit with reading the word of God or exposing himself to biblical teaching saturated with the Word of God to not only strengthen his spirit man but also to defeat his evil spiritual opponents in his dreams.

I would like to point out here that such dreams speak volumes as it relates to our spiritual life. Make no mistake, in the world of the spirit realm demonic forces are fully aware of the spiritual state of its victim during their interaction in the spirit realm during the course of their dream.

As you would recall, the gentleman made it clear to me that he's an avid praying person. Well, I left a sobering thought with him, when I said to him that prayer would be us talking to God but reading his word would be God talking to us!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing


  1. And the truth will certainly set us free. So let's read and digest the truth and be free.

  2. ��������Good day Minister Ewing thanks so much for taking the time to edify such a blessing.
    Being doing so much reading and listenting to your teachings
    So pray and fasting takes place regular now
    And i have seen the aggressive change in my dream by these evil spirits it has intensified
    So cant afford to not pray and fast and put the whole armor of God

  3. Thanks for this reminder, the spirit needs to be fed even more than the physical man. It takes real commitment to do so.