Saturday, September 3, 2016

Include the word of God in your prayers if you want things to change

The best thing anyone can do for you or even you can do for yourself is to pray for you. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with many folks to discuss spiritual things particularly dreams. What I find to be most interesting is that when I say to them, that they must pray specifically against what we have discovered to be the root of their problem, they in turn would say, "I don't know how to pray".

Well, what they mean is, they don't know how to pray lengthy loud prayers. Well my friend if you have this same issue, then let me properly educate you concerning prayer. God is more concern about the contents of your prayers rather than the length or volume of your prayers. Some folks believe that 2-3 hour prayers is the model for praying. However, if you were to zoom in on what it is that they are praying about, I can assure you they're probably repeating the same thing over and over again, with the center piece of their prayer being a grocery list of what they want God to do for them.

Many of you that I have counsel with will know that I insist on discovering the root of your physical matter from a spiritual perspective and once discovered, I insist that we search the scriptures in an effort to retrieve scriptures that are relevant to your situation and begin to pray those scriptures against the spiritual root of your physical matter. For example, if your child is rebellious then we use scripture against the spirit of rebellion in that child, but never praying against the child because the child is just a puppet to the spirit of rebellion. The word of God which is spirit is the only weapon against spirits, if one desires to eliminate their problem from its root and the root will always be spiritual.

The bottom line is this, when it comes to prayers, we will achieve more success in what we are praying for or even against when we discover its roots. Secondly, we must always pray the word of God in regards to whatever it is we are praying for or against. By doing this we will spend more time targeting and dismantling specific areas in prayer and destroying strongholds in the realm of the spirit that will result in positive physical manifestation as opposed to praying for hours saying the same thing over and over again with absolutely no word involved. Pray the word of God if you desire change as a result of your prayers!!!!!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing


  1. This is an excellent article. I had the privilege, by the grace of God, of learning this process years ago. I have read many books concerning prayer, and also the Holy Spirit teaches me, along with the Pastor of my church. Thank you very much for your encouragement, pointing us to the word of God; that's where the power lies. Blessings to you and your Ministry!


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