Saturday, September 3, 2016

Deeper spiritual insight!

Every dream that you have is an attempt to reveal to you the reality of life. It is so unfortunate that folks have been led to believe that this material world that we temporarily live on is reality.

The reality is this material world that we live on is the result of the unseen world which we refer to as the spirit world. Folks that understands this mysterious relationship between the spirit world and our natural world will always look forward to their dreams in an effort to analyze what's going on in the spirit world so that they can forecast what is pending for our natural world.

The Holy bible is the book of rules, regulations, protocols, laws, principles, commands and decrees of the unseen world. It is this living book that levels the playing ground of the unseen world.

For example, the bible says that a curse that has no cause on a human being's life cannot run its assigned course on that human's life according to proverbs 26:2. It does not matter how powerful a witch warlock or high ranking demon maybe. That demon, warlock or witch must submit to that spiritual law. The only way this law can be dismissed or ignored would be if a person has unconfessed sin in their life.

As a result of this understanding, if a person is being affected by witchcraft powers, then the primary question that must be asked is, what unconfessed sin in in this person's life that's giving the powers of witchcraft the legal right operate in that person's life?

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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