Saturday, September 3, 2016

Dreaming of former co-worker and associates

 Some time ago a friend of mine called me about a series of dreams that she was experiencing which made absolutely no sense to her.
In these dreams, she’s always observing co-workers in these dreams. What is so interesting about these dreams is the fact that in reality these co-workers don’t work for their company anymore.

Interestingly enough, in times past I have had quite a number of folks approach me with similar dreams and their initial thoughts were if their dream were revealing whether these former co-workers would be returning to the company. I explained to my friend that such a dream could be confusing, especially if the former co-workers were evil difficult people.

Well, in order to unveil the mystery that my friend's dream was attempting to reveal, we must approach her dream with dream principles. Firstly, as many of you would know that follow my teachings on dreams, everything about our dreams are indeed spiritual. In other words, the dream is revealing the behind the scenes of what going on in the spiritual world that will eventually if not already orchestrate the events that’s occurring or will occur in our natural world. Therefore, my friend’s former co-workers that she’s observed in her dreams are really the spirits that influenced those co-workers while they were employed at the company at the time and it is these same spirits that are currently present that will or is currently influencing anyone at that company that will be influenced by them.

So, even though the physical employees are not with the company any more the spirits that influence them are still present on the Job. Now, in order to identify the spirits that are being revealed, we must carefully analyze each former co-worker and zoom in on the distinct aspect of their character. For example, let's say employee whom we would say name is "Mary". Let's say "Mary" was a very jealous and dishonest person. Then the dream is revealing that even though the physical Mary who was a jealous and dishonest person is no longer with the company, the spirit of jealousy and dishonesty that influenced Mary is very much present at that company and any one that is open to these spirits will behave just like Mary did when she was on the Job.

Friends! This is why spiritual law clearly states, we DO NOT wrestle against flesh and blood (Human Beings), Ephesians 6:12. Instead, Human Beings are just the instruments being used by evil spirits to carry out the will of that particular evil spirit in the natural realm.

I know of another case where a gentleman who was employed at a particular company for some time and during his tenure with the company there has been a change in management more than 7 times. However, every time a manager was terminated another manager would replace the former manager only to behave and possess the same nasty and vindictive attitude as the former manager. The gentleman however said that what he found to be very interesting was the fact that whenever there was a termination of a manager he would have a dream where the same manager was still working at the company. Again, I explained to him that the dream was revealing the spirits that influenced the managers and clearly these spirits have deemed this company as their territory.

In the Christian community such spirits are known as "strongman" exercising their stronghold and until these specific spirits have been identified and removed through prayer and fasting these strange occurrence will continue as long as that company exist. The spiritual law says to us that "IF" we resist the devil he will flee, James 4:7. So in essence one could be praying over a person or place forever and see no results, then more than likely they have never took the time to identify the specific spirit and project their prayers against that specific spirit.

Folks, just as a reminder, we are in a spiritual war. Unfortunately for us this war is invisible which automatically places us at an advantage. Nevertheless, God desires to navigate us in this invisible war through our dreams in most instances.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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  1. I've had dreams of my former job but the circumstances are different every time except that thou things are different I always see the owner & boss in every aspect of the dream. She's always present and I always feel fearful of her even if she's not doing me anything. I hate dreaming of that place.