Saturday, September 3, 2016

Dreaming of warlocks and witches

 Several years ago I had a dream about a Pastor. In this dream, the pastor and I were in a church. The church was very dark on the inside. However, there was a circular ray of light that surrounded me and extended about one to two feet away from me.

There was no one else besides me and this pastor in this dark church. The pastor was walking behind me and to my surprise, I could hear these evil creatures making the strangest noise ever in the darkness, every time I would move forward the light that surrounded me they would run away from.

However, the pastor who was walking just behind me was communicating with these evil creatures and he understood the noises that were being emitted from these evil beings. Well, the dream ended and I was perplexed for months because I did not understand the dream and the pastor from my knowledge of him was a good person.

Approximately about a year later. I had another dream about this same pastor. Only this time he was walking through my street corner with a man I did not know, both of them was dressed in all black, black socks, black shirts, black shoes etc. the only difference in their attire was the pastor was wearing a black Dracula style cape with the collars erected just like in the movies with count Dracula.

In was during this period of my life that I understood that if a person in a dream is dressed in all black, if it's a male then the person is a warlock and if it is a female then the person is a witch. Would you believe that a close relative of this pastor met with me for some counseling about 6 months later and revealed to me that their relative who is the pastor is deeply involved in the occult, mainly witchcraft? I never made mention to the relative about my dream which contained his pastor relative. In fact, he brought up the conversation with no influencing from my end. Again this was God way of teaching me about dreams and correlating things that are spiritual with its significance with the natural world.

I would then begin to have dream after dream with this same pastor along with some of his relatives in every dream attempting to send curses to me in the dreams but there was always some invisible field that surrounds me that everything they threw at me in the dream went right back to them. Trust me, folks, God is an awesome God and he will do the same things for you that he's been doing for me if you saturate yourself in his word.

 Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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