Saturday, September 3, 2016

The word of God is your spiritual food

  It would be wise on your part if at some point during the course of the day you expose yourself to some form of teaching or preaching of the word of God.

The real you is your human spirit. Unfortunately, the average human spirit is malnourished due to the lack of spiritual food, which in this case is the word of God! Let me be clear on this and that is physical food is for the restoration and energizing of the physical human body. However, spiritual food which is scriptures is the spiritual food for our human spirits.

This explains why scripture declares that man should not live by (physical) bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, which of course is spiritual, Jesus elaborated on this even more when he stated in John 6:63, that the words that he speak they are "spirit and they are life".

Folks that are malnourished spiritually are easy to identify. For starters they are quite impatient, angry, doubters, always speaking from a negative perspective. More importantly, their conversation are laced with the material things of this world as oppose to things of the spirit.

Above everything else, I have discovered that folks that refuse to feed their spirits via the word of God are profound worriers they are never settle in their spirit and constantly agitated as to what bad thing is going to happen next. Of course this is due to the peace of God which his word provided does not reside in them.
I would like to encourage someone reading this article to make it a habit in getting the word of God in you by either exposing yourself to teaching/preaching of the authentic word of God or just simply reading your bible. I promise you it will do wonders for your spirit.
After many of my teachings many in the audience would ask me after the service what is it that I do to recall and recite scriptures verbatim. Well, my answer to their question always leave them in a state of shock, when I say to them, I am a frequent reader of the bible and that I expose myself as much as possible to the word of God.

The scriptures states that it is the Holy Spirit that will bring to our memory the things that Christ has said. So in essence it is the Holy Spirit that's providing me with scriptures and to repeat them word for word without a bible. However, I was responsible for initiating the process by again exposing myself to the word of God. Please I strongly admonish you to not be like your average Christian who rarely read their bibles and make it a habit of exposing themselves to the word of God.

The fuel of everything that God has destine for your life is his word, the more you ignore his word the more confuse you'll be as it relates to your purpose, destiny and the gifts and talents he's furnished you with to do his will in the earth.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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