Monday, June 1, 2015

Basic Laws concerning dreams

Your dreams are always revealing the source of your natural or what we refer to as our real life matters. In order to understand your dreams,  you must understand the three primary principles of your dreams and they are:

1) Your dreams are spiritual

2) your dreams are revealing from a spiritual perspective the root causes of your physical matters

3) The spirit realm is where all things visible and invisible originates, thus your dreams will always be revealing the root of either the past, present or future matters in the dreamer's life.

Therefore, If you've had a dream and in your dream you saw yourself naked, then the dream is revealing that you are vulnerable or exposed to something that you're probably not aware of. It can also symbolize disgrace to the dreamer.

Such dreams must be met immediately with prayer when the dreamer awakes by firstly cancelling the dream and praying specifically against the spirits of disgrace and exposure asking God to unseat these devils and to consume them with fire.

As a reminder because the dream is spiritual for the most part the things in your dreams are mostly symbolic of a far more reaching spiritual implication. So, in this case nakedness symbolizes the spirit of disgrace and exposure.

Minister: Kevin L A Ewing