Monday, June 1, 2015

Getting married in a dream

Some of the most common dreams I am asked to interpret are dreams of a person getting married in their dream or observing a wedding in a dream.

Now, let me make clear, any form or type of marriage in a dream would indicate covenant and, for the most part, evil covenants! In my many years of interpreting dreams, I have discovered that such dreams are the source for unmarried folks finding it challenging to get married or married folks having constant troubles in their marriage. Here is why these folks are faced with such challenges.

Experiencing a marriage in a dream signifies a spiritual marriage or covenant established in the spirit world. Now, whoever the person you're getting married to, it's a masquerading spirit. A masquerading spirit is a familiar spirit mimicking someone else's image. The idea is to mislead the victim to covertly forge an evil covenant with the victim to ultimately impede the victim's destiny.

If marriage is achieved in the dream, the dreamer will face strange challenges in their current relationships or find it difficult to achieve a relationship.   

If they are single in reality, they will find it hard to find the right person in reality simply because this spirit, which also goes by the name spirit husband or spirit wife depending on the sex of the dreamer, will fight tooth and nail to keep away any perspectives mates that would desire to marry the dreamer because unknowing to the dreamer, the dreamer is married to this spirit spiritually.

The evidence of this in the natural is no matter how handsome or pretty and educated the victim may be, they will forever find it difficult to maintain relationships. They always encounter the same type of people, giving them the same old depressing failed relationship results. If the victim does manage to get married, I can assure you that the union will end in divorce because this spirit will always manipulate the victim to marry the wrong person to make the victim's life a living hell. This couple will never agree on anything; either one or both parties would be overly jealous, selfish, controlling, and verbally and physically abusing each other. The primary sign would be an obvious and blatant lack of respect on both party's end.

For those who are married, if you see yourself being married in a dream, even if the person you're marrying is your current mate, Make no mistake: this is a spirit husband or spirit wife deceiving you in your dream. Once this marriage occurs in the dream, all hell will break loose for that couple. The first sign will be unexplained anger towards each other to the point that a silly argument between the couple makes no sense, followed by blatant infidelity and disrespect for the relationship.

The worst thing any of these couples can do in an attempt to bring resolve to this evil is to attack one another. Instead, they must collectively go on a 5-7 day fast with intense prayer praying specifically against the spirit husband and or spirit wife. The couple MUST BE IN COMPLETE AGREEMENT, ridding their relationship of this stubborn spirit.

Minister: Kevin L A Ewing


  1. Wow! Still true and relevant. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I dreamt marrying an elder . The wedding was in church and l was wearing a red wedding gown and the guest were the congregation

  3. I dreamt of watching a wedding take place at my neighbor's house but I didnt attend although I was invited.

  4. I disagree with this fully. While I think that it is important to pay attention to the subconscious beliefs being revealed through dreams. All things in positivity. Dreaming of being married in a dream can mean you are ready for union. It may be a past memory of union. Pay attention to how you feel about it in the dream. If the union feels negative or uncomfortable then there may be fears of union in the subconscious to address and if it feels positive it may be a signal letting you know your subconscious is ready to be apart of a union. Now this could make it difficult for finding a partner because your subconscious will be looking for a soul mate not a lesson. Trust that God and your soul will stop at nothing to bring this to you. Even if it seems impossible.

  5. I dreamt that a man I am attracted to told me to come to bed to consummate our marriage. I said no and told him I did not remember the ceremony. In that dream I did not remember the ceremony.

  6. My boyfriend dreamt about me seeing me at the church weeding some one else does that mean that I have a spiritual hausban?

  7. In my dream I ddnt end up doing the vows....the first attempt was in a place like a jungle where we were almost devoured by crocodiles the scenery was beautiful but things just couldnt allow the ceremony to take place. It's so confusing.


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