Monday, June 1, 2015

Crying in a dream

Depending on the contents of a dream; to see yourself or someone crying in a dream could be a good or a bad dream.

For example, let's say you saw yourself crying uncontrollably in a dream and there was absolutely nothing that triggered your crying accompanied with the environment of the dream being dark. Then the dream is revealing a spirit of grief and depression either pending for your life or currently operating in your life.

On the other hand if you had a dream where you saw yourself at a celebration enjoying yourself but you're crying then the dream is revealing tears of Joy and happiness. To dream of a crowd of folks mourning dressed in dark colors would be revealing sadness based on the loss of someone.

If you had a dream where your deceased grand parent were pointing their finger at you as if they're arguing with you and you're crying in the dream. Then the dream is revealing generational curses being administered by familiar spirit. As a reminder the deceased person in your dream that appear to be your relative  is not your true relative but a masquerading spirit, which is really a familiar spirit masquerading as your decease relative.

This masquerading spirit could represent a spirit of bitterness, lust, hate, poverty etc. Therefore any interaction with these spirits in your dream could spell evil being introduced to your life in reality.

By: Kevin L A Ewing