Monday, June 1, 2015

Dreaming of cobwebs

Are you  having dreams of cobwebs? Then know for sure that such dreams are never ever good dreams. Cobwebs will for the most part represent spiritual restrictions and limitations for the dreamer as a result of witchcraft. Such dreams will also indicate that there are traps set in the realm of the spirit for the dreamer that is the source of stagnation in their everyday life.

Cobwebs also represents covert traps that have been set for the dreamer in reality. If you are having any dreams that consist of cobwebs, then I strongly suggest you find yourself a true prayer warrior to assist you in your spiritual fight. Here is why, just like in reality when something is caught in a spider's web, the more it tries to get itself out of the web the more it becomes entangled in that web.

Therefore, whatever it is that's entangled in the cobweb to be successful in getting out of the cobwebs it must be via the assistance of someone or something else. Those that are praying along with you must agree that you prayers be focus on dismantling spiritual restrictions, limitations and traps. As a reminder, whatever is achieved spiritually will by default be manifested physically. Therefore, your prayers should should bring an end to you not achieving or progressing in the natural.

Please! Make sure whomever you choose to be your prayer partner you must insist that they're serious in their walk with the Lord because there will be some backlash and major spiritual attacks on that person as a result of this spiritual warfare.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing