Monday, June 1, 2015

Dreams that indicate a vagabond spirit

My friend if you are having dreams where  you're finding it difficult to complete projects or assignments in your dreams or just before you can complete your task or project in your dream you awake from your dream, then the dream is revealing that you are being challenged by a vagabond spirit.

For those of you that do not know, a vagabond spirit is a spirit that influences its victim to never ever complete anything they've started. This same spirit is also responsible for folks moving from place to place with no kind of direction or purpose and even at the end of those locations that they've wondered into they achieve little to no progress while there. In reality, such folks would always be excited and anxious to start a project with grand plans and high expectation but shortly after that they rapidly lose all desire, and for some strange reason their once excitement is zapped out of them with a complete disinterest for that project.

Such dreams are literally revealing the source behind the everyday negative challenges that the dreamer would be experiencing as mentioned above. The reality is it is the symbols and actions displayed in the dreamer's dream that is exposing this spirit that's influencing the dreamer to repeat failures and defeat. Despite their excitement they initially experience at the beginning of a project or assignment time will reveal the same cycle and program of fruitlessness and a sudden loss of interest all over again.

It becomes almost impossible for folks that experience such dream to focus and center their attention on the things that they should be focusing on especially assignments or projects they initially set out to do. There is no stability or commitment with these people, and it's not because they do not want to be committed. Instead, they're heavily influenced by this Vagabond spirit whose job is to see to it that their victim appears to others as incompetent, undependable and completely unreliable. Thus, their opportunities will always be limited during their lives if this evil spirit is not removed from their lives.

I find this spirit to be prevalent in folks that are talented and gifted. This spirit is very manipulative and conniving, in that before this spirit causes the sudden loss of interest in their victim towards whatever it is they're involved with, there is usually a protocol that leads to the sudden loss of interest. It usually begins with the victim experiencing some delays, setbacks and intense frustration in individual projects. Secondly, there is the phase of procrastination that gradually sets in. The victim becomes so overwhelmed by some things that they have placed on hold due to their procrastination that they eventually become frustrates and lose interest and give up on the entire project/assignment in spite of the time, efforts, and resources that others and themselves have invested.

Please! Make no mistake this spirit's influence is not limited to places and things only. Instead, you would find this spirit operating in the lives of those that are from relationship to relationship or those who have a fear of making a commitment. However, in these particular victims, the Vagabond Spirit operates on an entirely different level altogether. For example, as it relates to people the vagabond works along with the spirit of selfishness to maintain instability and non-commitment in their victims. The spirit of selfishness Job is to make sure everything about the relationship is about their victim without any genuine care for the victim's partner. The vagabond spirit receives the baton from the spirit of selfishness when it can not be catered to anymore, or the partner of the victim chose not to submit to the selfish desires of the one whom these spirits are operating in.

Prayers for such a person must be specific with relevant scriptures, praying and fasting against this vagabond spirit and in some cases the spirit of selfishness. Trust me when I say to you, these folks do not desire to be this way. Instead, it is this vagabond spirit that has a stronghold on them. The biblical character Cane who killed his brother Able according to scripture was cursed with this vagabond spirit, and he was noted to be a fugitive and a wanderer upon the face of the earth, Genesis 4:12, 14 and Acts 19:13.

For the record, folks that you may know that suffer from drug addiction and are unstable with their life affairs are possessed by this spirit and more than likely may not even be aware of it. This is why they can experience hours of deliverance sessions and return to a life of drug addiction and instability, only because no one thought to discern and address this covert vagabond spirit. As a reminder, failure at anything will always be the result of a lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing